Daniel Ricciardo reacts to ‘insane’ F1 proposal

Daniel Ricciardo says it would be “insane” to race around Mugello if a second grand prix in Italy is added to this year’s revised F1 calendar.

There are suggestions a race at the iconic Ferrari-owned circuit could take place the week after the traditional Italian Grand Prix at Monza, and the Australian driver is fully supportive of the idea.

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The F1 season was delayed because of coronavirus and is now scheduled to start this weekend in Austria as drivers prepare for eight European races in 10 weeks — a figure that could jump to nine in 11 weeks if Mugello, in Tuscany, is added.

“That was a circuit (Mugello) I raced back in 2007 for the first time, and it was my favourite circuit that season,” Ricciardo said, per motorsport.com.

“I loved just the flowing, high-speed corners and I think in F1, it would be amazing. We had a test there, I think it was back in 2012, in F1.

“The cars now, these 2020 cars around there, would be insane. So yeah, I’m certainly excited if that one takes place.”

The Portimao circuit in Portugal also confirmed in June it was in talks about possibly hosting a race, which was music to Ricciardo’s ears.

“I actually have good memories of Portimao,” he said. “It was where I wrapped up the F3 championship.

“It was a circuit I really enjoyed — some good elevation and again quite good, flowing, fast corners. I’m not disappointed if any of these go ahead at all. I would be very excited.”

The interrupted season — that has seen some races cancelled and others added — will be Ricciardo’s last with Renault after he agreed to join McLaren in 2021.

The West Australian quit Red Bull at the end of 2018 but his two-year stint with Renault hasn’t gone to plan. Last season he finished ninth in the drivers’ standings and suffered multiple mechanical failures as the French outfit fell to fifth in the constructors’ championship, unable to develop a competitive package.

McLaren usurped Renault as the midfield leader in 2019 and will welcome Ricciardo into its stable alongside Lando Norris in 2021.

Ricciardo will still want to finish this bizarre 2020 campaign on a high and his teammate for the remainder of the year, Esteban Ocon, is also excited about the possibility of trying out new circuits.

“I love the old school circuits like Mugello or Imola,” Ocon told motorsport.com. “That was a track I raced not so long ago as well in F3. I still have to learn Portimao.

“I’ve done a lot of laps, obviously on my home sim, which was good. But yeah, I’m happy to do a lot of races. And if that’s the way we can do more in the future, then it’s fantastic.”

The first two races of the season are slated for the Red Bull Ring in Austria, where rigorous protocols are in place to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

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How life will continue to change in a COVID world

The world as we know it has changed drastically this year due to the coronavirus crisis, whether it’s going to work, taking a holiday or attending a loved one’s wedding.

And those Australians hoping that things will return to normal sooner rather than later are being warned not to hold their breath.

“Aspects of this new, strange way of life will be with us for a long time to come,” Professor Stephen Duckett, director of the health program at the Grattan Institute, told news.com.au.

Take the recent experience of Ebby Carson who went to the Blue Mountains with her family for a weekend getaway.

“We go all the time, but it was such a bizarre experience,” Ms Caron said.

“We got there and figured we’d have lunch, but the lounge was at capacity so we went out in the town to eat, but a lot of the little venues are closed at the moment.

“The hotel does this big, beautiful buffet breakfast but now a staff member walks around with you, you tell them what you want and they plate it for you. It was a bit weird.

“There was no table service – it was still a buffet, but you had to be walked around and have a staff member get your bacon and eggs.”

It also made going back for seconds a little awkward, she joked.

“I mean, it was good that it stopped me overeating. You know what it’s like at a buffet! I didn’t want them to think I was a pig so I restrained myself.”

It’s just a small glimpse into the new normal that COVID-19 has thrust on everyone.

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Christmas is 178 days away – less than six months – and it’s going to be a very different festive season this time around.

“Christmas is typically a very family focused time for Australians,” Prof Duckett said. “We all get together with each other at that time of year.”

But the practicalities of hosting family and friends will be challenging, given the restrictions on household gatherings and the need to socially distancing.

“Most of us don’t live in mansions obviously so it’s going to be hard to stay 1.5m apart from each other at Christmas lunch,” he said.

“We have to hope we’ll be down to zero by then so it’ll be safer to be in a small, confined space, but for a long time to come we’ll have to be thoughtful about our interactions with each other.”

That’s especially the case with elderly loved ones who are more at risk of COVID-19.

Nanna might not get to see the grandkids tear through their Santa stockings this year if she’s in the at-risk age bracket or has a chronic illness.


Hitting the road for a break, even in your own state, will come with its own set of complexities too.

Attractions targeting holiday-makers are bound by strict requirements to ensure social distancing, from caps on attendees to adequate spacing.

Take wineries, for example.

They’re used to hosting both large organised tours and small groups who pop in whenever they like, crowding into confined spaces to try plonk.

Now, those tastings are strictly scheduled, capped and time-limited. Gone are the days of leisurely exploring different vineyards at your own pace, for now at least.

In her recent experience, Ms Carson said hotel guests were required to book a time to have a drink in the bar area, which set a limit on the number of punters who could be in the lounge.

“The lounge was at capacity and we hadn’t thought to book,” she said.

“There were seats at the bar but you can’t sit there because the staff are obviously working behind it. The staff were really lovely so they went to find plastic cups for our wine and we drank them outside by the tennis court. It was eight degrees.”

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Australians who love hopping on a plane and jetting to holiday destinations like Bali or New York will have to park their plans indefinitely, Prof Duckett said.

International border restrictions are unlikely to ease for quite some time, particularly for those returning to the country.

“Two-week mandatory quarantine in a hotel after an Australian returns home from overseas is going to be the norm indefinitely,” he said.

Using three weeks of annual leave for a week in Kuta, plus the cost of quarantine – some states are moving to charge returnees for it – will make heading abroad unrealistic for most.

The mooted Trans-Tasman travel bubble, allowing free movement between Australia and New Zealand, could still be a way off in light of Victoria’s resurgence in cases.

Reopening the international border to foreigners will probably take even longer, given how successful that measure was in flattening the curve.

“The United States is a basket case, the UK is worrying … if we have anybody flying in, there’s a real chance they’ll bring coronavirus with them,” Prof Duckett said.


Some office-dwelling Australians have begun returning to work in stages, with many major businesses instituting measures to minimise risk.

But those strategies pose a logistics nightmare, especially as more and more employees come back.

Imagine you work on an upper floor in a CBD high-rise, where elevators are restricted to no more than two people.

Getting to your desk could be quite a lengthy journey.

“If you’re a business with a couple of floors and a few hundred people, there’s a situation where there could be different teams of people in the office at a certain time,” Prof Duckett said.

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Some companies are also encouraging staff to continue working from home indefinitely.

“We might not be in the office at the same time for a very long while,” Prof Duckett said.

“It’s partly because of the practicalities like lifts only being able to take two people at a time, but also the risk of public transport and getting people to and from work.

“It’s also the risk to the business. If a business has to go back into quarantine because of an infection outbreak, the disruption will be much greater than having people work from home.”


Sydney bride-to-be Britt Nabarro was eagerly putting the finishing touches on her wedding, scheduled for March 26, when coronavirus threw a spanner in the works.

“I had 200 guests organised, my dress and shoes and seven bridesmaids ready and waiting,” Ms Nabarro said.

“Then they cancelled international flights and it meant my two brothers, one living in New York and the other in New Zealand, couldn’t come.

“My fiancé’s sister had just landed from New York but she just turned around and went back home again not wanting to get stranded here.”

Bans on non-essential gatherings came into force and Ms Nabarro and her fiance Josh were forced to cancel their big day.

In the end, they held a wedding at home in their unit with both sets of parents, in order to satisfy a limit of no more than five attendees.

“It was a cold night but we sat outside because everybody was pretty nervous of being together inside,” she said.

Ms Nabarro has now tentatively rescheduled her wedding for mid-December but is playing things by ear, given there’s still an international travel ban – and a limit on how many people can hit the dancefloor.

“The most important thing is friends, family and dancing,” she said.

Wedding planner Kerstyn Walsh from the business Hire a Bridesmaid said the recent relaxation of rules had prompted a flurry of new inquiries.

“The phone has been ringing hot from new brides keen to get going with their wedding plans,” Ms Walsh said.

“Many had just got engaged before the pandemic started and so they had held off. Others had postponed their wedding and are now getting back on track with a new date.”

The pandemic has required the industry to implement strict procedures surrounding social distancing, hygiene and safety.

“Venues are ensuring thorough deep cleaning and availability of hand sanitisers and are spacing out tables and seating areas to stick to distancing rules,” she said.

While brides-to-be are trying to stay optimistic about the easing restrictions, Ms Walsh doesn’t think weddings will ever quite go back to how they were just a short time ago.

“People are going to be more aware of social distancing – they might not automatically hug the bride and groom.

“Traditional sit-down meals with individual plates may replace buffets and grazing tables, weddings may reduce in numbers and ‘health and safety’ procedures issued with the invitation may become the norm.

“Destination weddings will decrease due to travel restrictions.”

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Authorities could be forced to maintain a very fluid approach to public health measures too.

“Victoria got down to the single digits and started relaxing restrictions, then fast forward to Monday and there were 75 new cases,” Prof Duckett said.

Victorian authorities are considering instituting suburb-level lockdowns in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus in hot spots.

It also reintroduced some social distancing measures when numbers began to surge.

“Some states like New South Wales and Victoria, but particularly Victoria, might maintain this pattern of getting cases low then seeing a spike that they have to get on top of.”

Flare-ups like that might see states and territories keep their borders closed to areas still grappling with outbreaks.

For example, South Australia has now announced it will delay its reopening in light of the situation in Victoria.


Across the board, mental health practitioners are reporting a sharp uptick in the number of people seeking support.

One study from the University of Melbourne found 30 per cent of respondents reported “moderate to high levels of anxiety and depression”.

Research by Monash University of the mental wellbeing of more than 13,000 Australians also found one-quarter were experiencing “clinically significant” depression – up significantly from a typically rate of 3.7 per cent.

Crisis support service Lifeline has also reported a mammoth increase in calls to its 24-hour counselling hotline over recent months.

While most Australians have been impacted by the coronavirus crisis in some way, but a new report highlights how young people are particularly struggling.

The youth unemployment rate has hit a worrying 16 per cent and is expected to climb even higher, given hard-hit industries like hospitality and the arts are staffed predominantly by young Aussies.

South Australia’s Commissioner for Children and Young People said respondents to its latest survey found there’s a general sense of uncertainty about what the future holds.

Most felt concern about being able to access safe and stable work, both now and in the years ahead.

Young Australians are also feeling hopeless and helpless during COVID-19, due to a loss of economic and social participation.


Aside from weddings, throwing an event of any kind will continue to be a challenging endeavour for some time to come.

Whether it’s a birthday bash or a corporate conference, limits on attendees and social distancing requirements will make them look and feel quite different.
Ms Carson runs the business Little Bird Boutique Events, which throws boho picnics that used to average 60 to 80 guests, but could cater for as many as 200 people.

“We’re still limited to 20, so it’s had a huge impact,” she said.

But she’s also been able to pivot to take advantage of an emerging market for intimate events for corporate clients.

“They can’t do those massive conferences and functions anymore, so they are looking at small, intimate and boutique outdoor events,” she said.

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Governments are making tentative plans to allow sporting game spectators to return in limited and socially distanced numbers.

But the sudden change of AFL match fixtures this week due to concerns about Victoria’s outbreak illustrates that plans can shift at the last minute.

Large concerts are also still on the backburner.

The Art Gallery of New South Wales was forced to postpone its annual Archibald Prize exhibit to September.

And the Sydney Opera House remains closed.


In simpler times, the latest must-have accessories were usually technology or fashion-related, but these days it’s more likely to fall into the hygiene category.

While the official health advice remains that wearing a face mask is only necessary if you’re feeling unwell, it seems more and more of us are keen to don one while out and about.

Gavin Hodgkins, chief executive officer of FloatPac Group – a Melbourne manufacturer of cotton masks – said there’s been a 200 per cent increase in sales in the past several weeks.

“The global position on masks seems to vary wildly, but we’re seeing a definite upswing as people are perhaps increasingly aware that coronavirus isn’t going away,” Mr Hodgins said.

“Over the last two weeks we’ve experienced a 90 per cent increase in website traffic and a spike in wholesale inquiries from businesses wanting to protect their staff and reassure their customers.”

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Debate surrounding whether people should wear masks whenever they’re outside is increasing, particularly in light of Victoria’s resurgence in infections.

With this in mind, as well as the colder weather, expect to see face masks becoming the norm.


How people generally spend time with nanna and pop will also remain very different in the mid-term, experts say, and that requires urgent attention.

Loneliness is something many people likely felt during lockdown, but experts say the consequences of isolation are more severe on the elderly.

Even residents of aged care facilities felt lonely, despite being surrounded by their peers, because of reduced visitor numbers, restrictions on movement and lockdowns.

In older people, loneliness is associated with negative physical and mental health outcomes like high blood pressure, cognitive decline and even early death.

“There is growing evidence that older people who are lonely or isolated may also be at a higher risk of exacerbating the onset and trajectory of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease,” , Australian Catholic University senior research fellow in aged care Bridget Laging wrote for The Conversation.

Maintaining connections during the ‘new normal’ will help to support the mental health of ageing Australians.

Ms Laging said there are creative ways of taking existent programs shown to benefit wellbeing – volunteer visitors, music therapy and broader community activities – into the socially distanced era.

“Technology such as Zoom, Skype and FaceTime, for instance, can support older people in residential aged care to meaningfully connect with family and friends,” she said.

“The use of smartphones in aged care settings has already been associated with increased social support for both residents and their families, helping them to feel closer and providing reassurance.

“When technology isn’t available, gestures as simple as a regular telephone chat can provide a significant boost to a resident’s wellbeing.”

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Girl, 4, dies in hospital after being found injured in south London | UK News

A four-year-old girl has died in hospital after she and a 35-year-old woman were found injured in a home in south London.

The pair were found in a property in Monarch Parade in Mitcham on Tuesday afternoon.

No arrests have been made and police are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

Police said the woman is in hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The child was pronounced dead shortly after being taken to hospital.

Police said next of kin have been informed and a post-mortem examination will take place in due course.

Officers remain in the area and a crime scene is in place as enquiries continue.

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People refusing to get tested in Melbourne’s hotspot suburbs could face fines, Scott Morrison warns

Scott Morrison has thrown his aid powering the Victorian government’s hard suburban lockdowns intended to help you save Melbourne from coronavirus.

The prime minister is also warning folks refusing to be checked for the ailment could deal with fines as a hotspot screening blitz proceeds.

Mr Morrison explained there was absolutely nothing shocking about Melbourne’s outbreak immediately after an additional 64 conditions were detected on Tuesday.

“Where outbreaks do arise you require to move on them as the Victorian authorities is and they have our full support with that,” he explained to the 9 Community on Wednesday.

Lockdown will be bolstered throughout 10 Melbourne postcodes from Thursday until July 29.

Individuals living in these parts will only be allowed to go away home for get the job done, analyze, vital shopping, exercise or to obtain or give care.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has also launched a judicial inquiry into resort quarantine with a slew of conditions linked to employees an infection handle breaches.

Mr Morrison mentioned issues in hotel quarantine were lessons for other states, noting no procedure would be fantastic.

He mentioned it was disappointing folks in Melbourne had been refusing to get analyzed.

“We are executing it the Australian way, the use of incentive – carrot not adhere,” the prime minister explained.

“Sometimes the adhere will have to be set about, no matter whether it truly is fines or sanctions in position to make certain we hold most people secure.”

He cautioned towards other states reinstating shutdowns if area infection fees continue to be small.

“We need to have to continue to keep the overall economy open up. If we never do that it will price jobs.”

A COVID-19 testing facility in Melbourne.


Below Victoria’s intense coronavirus suppression actions, intercontinental flights will be diverted absent from Melbourne for two months.

Queensland is banning Victorians from getting into the condition but welcoming other website visitors from July 10.

South Australia has shelved ideas to reopen its Victorian border but is weighing up a journey offer with NSW and the ACT.

Mr Morrison downplayed criticism from Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, who implored him to end buying on her condition over border closures.

Folks in Australia must stay at least 1.5 metres absent from others. Check your state’s restrictions on gathering limitations.

Screening for coronavirus is now widely obtainable across Australia. If you are suffering from chilly or flu indications, set up a take a look at by calling your medical doctor or get hold of the Coronavirus Health Data Hotline on 1800 020 080.

The federal government’s coronavirus tracing app COVIDSafe is offered for download from your phone’s application retail store.

SBS is fully commited to informing Australia’s various communities about the most recent COVID-19 developments. News and info is obtainable in 63 languages at sbs.com.au/coronavirus.

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Calls for UN probe of China forced birth control on Uighurs

Politicians around the world have called for a United Nations probe into a Chinese government birth control campaign targeting largely Muslim minorities in the far western region of Xinjiang, even as Beijing said it treats all ethnicities equally under the law.

They were referring to an Associated Press investigation published this week that found the Chinese government is taking draconian measures to slash birth rates among Uighurs and other minorities, while encouraging some of the country’s Han majority to have more children. The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China, a group of European, Australian, North American, and Japanese politicians from across the political spectrum, demanded an independent U.N. investigation.

“The world cannot remain silent in the face of unfolding atrocities,” the group said in a statement.

The AP found that the Chinese government regularly subjects minority women in Xinjiang to pregnancy checks and forces intrauterine devices, sterilization and even abortion on hundreds of thousands. New research obtained by The Associated Press in advance of publication by China scholar Adrian Zenz also showed that the hundreds of millions of dollars the government pours into birth control has transformed Xinjiang from one of China’s fastest-growing regions to among its slowest in just a few years.

The AP found that the population control measures are backed by mass detention both as a threat and as a punishment for failure to comply. Having too many children is a major reason people are sent to detention camps, documents and interviews show, with the parents of three or more ripped away from their families unless they can pay huge fines.

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom called for a U.N. and State Department investigation, saying the Chinese government’s birth control campaign “might meet the legal criteria for genocide.” According to a U.N. convention, “imposing measures intended to prevent births” with “intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group” is considered evidence of genocide. The last colonial governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten, told Bloomberg Television that the birth control campaign was “arguably something that comes within the terms of the UN views on sorts of genocide.”

The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee called the forced birth control “beyond deplorable,” and said that “a nation that treats its own people this way should never be considered a great power.” U.S. senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamala Harris wrote a letter urging the Trump administration to respond to an “alarming” AP investigation, and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio and Representative Ro Khanna also called for action. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the reports were “shocking” and “disturbing” in a statement Monday.

“We call on the Chinese Communist Party to immediately end these horrific practices,” he said.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian fired back on Tuesday by calling Pompeo “a brazen liar,” saying the Uighur population had more than doubled since 1978 in response to criticism of Xinjiang’s birth control policies.

“If Mr. Pompeo is telling the truth, how can he explain the big increase in the Uighur population?” Zhao asked.

For decades, Xinjiang’s population grew quickly, as minorities enjoyed laxer birth control restrictions than Han Chinese. But in just three years, new measures have caused the birth rate in Xinjiang’s Uighur-majority areas to plunge, and it is now well under the national average.

Zhao also said the American government had been responsible for “genocide, racial segregation and assimilation policies” on Native Americans. on them.” University of Colorado researcher Darren Byler said the Chinese state-orchestrated assault on Xinjiang’s minorities does echo past birth control programs.

“It recalls the American eugenics movement which targeted Native and African Americans up until the 1970s,” he said. “China’s public health authorities are conducting a mass experiment in targeted genetic engineering on Turkic Muslim populations.”

In response to the AP story, which he called “fake news,” Zhao said the government treats all ethnicities equally and protects their legal rights. Chinese officials have said in the past that the new measures are merely meant to be fair, with the law now allowing minorities and China’s Han majority the same number of children.

However, the AP’s reporting found that while equal on paper, in practice Han Chinese are largely spared the abortions, sterilizations, IUD insertions and detentions for having too many children that are forced on Xinjiang’s other ethnicities, interviews and data show. Some rural minorities are punished even for having the three children allowed by the law.

British members of Parliament debated Xinjiang in the House of Commons on Monday, with both Labor and Conservative politicians urging the U.K. Foreign Ministry to adopt a stronger stance against the Chinese government. Nigel Adams, the British Minister of State for Asia, said the reports added to the U.K.’s “concern about the human rights situation in Xinjiang” and that it will be “considering this report very carefully.” Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne also told Australian broadcaster SBS that the reports “further compounded” their concerns.

Bill Browder, CEO of investment fund Hermitage Capital Management and brainchild of the Magnitsky Act, asked the U.S. government to level sanctions against Chinese officials, calling the birth control campaign part of a broader assault he called “vile persecution.”

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PLA puts up signage, China map on bank of Ladakh lake to claim it as Chinese land | India News

A view of Pangong lake (TOI photo)

NEW DELHI: After physically occupying an almost 8-km stretch of what India considers its territory on the north bank of Pangong Tso in eastern Ladakh, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has now created a massive signage in the area to claim it as Chinese land.
Located between Finger-4 and Finger-5, the 80-metre-long signage is in the shape of inscriptions and is designed to be visible from the air and capable of being picked up by satellites. It consists of the Mandarin symbol meaning China with a map of the country. It seeks to deride India’s claim that the Line of Actual Control (LAC) runs north to south at Finger-8.
“It clearly shows the PLA has no intention of leaving the area any time soon. We, too, have counter-mobilised with additional Army and ITBP troops in the area since May for any eventuality. We want restoration of status quo ante, with the PLA pulling back to its original position,” an official said here.
PLA soldiers have built dozens of fortifications, prefabricated huts, bunkers and pill-boxes after occupying the ‘Finger-4 to 8’ (mountainous spurs separated by a distance of 8 km) area on the north bank of Pangong Tso in a massive consolidation since early-May. They have also taken control of the nearby heights and ridgeline to dominate the area, as was earlier reported by TOI.
Indian soldiers, with an ITBP post located between Finger-3 and 4, have for long been patrolling west to east till Finger-8.
The PLA, which has also strengthened its positions on the south bank of the lake, wants Indian soldiers to retreat to the Finger-2 area. Ever since the clash between the rival troops in the area on May 5-6, Chinese soldiers have effectively blocked all Indian patrols from the Finger-4 to 8 area.

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Race-by-race tips and preview for Randwick on Wednesday

12. Wild Wind is a market watch and, while he’s been under some riding in his trials, he looks the type to relish race day. Has had a tie-back so has obviously had issues but shown a competitive streak. If supported, expect him to run well.

Dangers: 2. Gunnamatta is aided by the top weight coming out. Scratched last week with an elevated temperature but on debut he led and was run down late by Scenic Warrior on a heavy at Warwick Farm. If he gets control he should be hard to catch. 3. Jimmy’s Dream had some support on debut at Warwick Farm and came from midfield wide out to run a close second. Fitter for that, not sure where he gets to from the barrier if he doesn’t look to go forward but one of the major players. 4. Game Royal is a well bred gelding from the Waller stable on debut and though his latest trial wasn’t anything to write home about he’s the type you have to keep a bit safe. He’s drawn inside and attracted James McDonald to ride so nothing would surprise about him first-up.
How to play it: Wild Wind each-way
Odds & Evens: Evens.


14. Duenna is no star but she looks well placed on the back of a couple of handy runs out of town. Bumped into Steel Diamond two starts back then tried hard at Wyong on a front-runners’ track last time. Soft draw and should get some tempo to suit. Good each-way chance.
Dangers: 2. Miss Spiteful will be right on the pace from the good gate. She was competitive in two runs here to start the prep then every chance when a short-priced favourite at Gosford last time. Will give a sight. 5. Dancing Gidget hasn’t raced since beating subsequent ATC Oaks placegetter and G1 winner Toffee Tongue at 1550m here back in March. Gained inside runs to win a recent trial, trip might be short of her best but rather include her than assume that. 7. Compatriot has ability and raced fairly consistently last time in. Not asked in his recent trial, likely gets back but should be running on strongly.
How to play it: Duenna each-way
Odds & Evens: Evens


6. Darleb is very close to a city win after a couple of strong placings at his past two starts. Tightened up at Canterbury when beaten a length then swamped late by a promising type at Warwick Farm after cutting the corner. Should take holding out.
Dangers: 11. Temple Run raced three deep and made a move on the turn before the winner cut up inside him at Warwick Farm two weeks ago. Eligible for easier but competitive at this level and is a good chance. 7. This Is So showed a heap of promise this time last year but has been off the scene for quite a while. Can’t take a lot out of her recent trial only to say she wasn’t pressured and represents a big query here first-up. 1. Above And Beyond has been largely competitive in BM78 grade lately and comes back in class here, getting in well with the claim. Likes to race handy and on best form is one of the chances.
How to play it: Darleb win; Trifecta 6/1,7,11/1,7,11.
Odds & Evens: Evens.


10. Savigne backs up after quite a strong win at Canterbury last week where she enjoyed a good run and powered away late. Even fitter, again drawn well and on the way up against opposition largely battling. No surprise if she does right on with the job.
Dangers: 6. Picaro has the chance to find his best after two handy enough runs back in Saturday company. Gets into his preferred distance range now and there’s a lot less depth here. Go well. 2. Chocolatier contested the same race as Picaro and was quite disappointing only managing seventh. Wasn’t able to get anywhere near the lead there whereas in his previous two runs at Canterbury he was on the pace so he could easily improve quickly if he takes advantage of gate one. 11. Secretly was second-up when she worked into third behind Lando Bay at Randwick four weeks ago and gets a 1.5kg drop in weight. Takes on older horses but has that upside many others don’t so she could be competitive here.
How to play it: Savigne win; Trifecta 10/2,6,11/2,6,11.
Odds & Evens: Evens.


8. Le Gai Soliel looks a real up and comer ready to tackle this company after two wins this time in. Improved sharply into her second-up win at Kembla on a heavy track and expect the barrier to be no issue as she’s drawn right around the likely speed. If she is above average, she can win again.
Dangers: 3. Baanone has come back in great form and followed up an eye-catching fresh run here with a strong win at Canterbury three weeks ago. Will likely get back a bit but has a big finish and should be competitive again. 7. Galahad’s Quest may have something to say about who leads here and he was run down by Baanone two back before Savigne picked him last week. So the form around him looks good and, if he leads, he can give a sight. 4. Statuesquely has disappointed in two runs back from a spell and comes back to midweek company looking for a boost. Group 3 placed at a mile last time in so has the talent and no surprise to see her lift if she happens to find the front.
How to play it: Le Gai Soleil win; Trifecta 8/3,4,7/3,4,7.
Odds & Evens: Split.

Race 7 – 4:20PM TAB HANDICAP (1150m)


If you can forgive 2. Sally’s Day for her shock failure at Rosehill a month ago, she has to be the horse to beat on previous form. Romped in at Wyong first-up on a soft 7 then hit the line hard behind Fituese and Aquitaine at listed level. Looks to be some speed here to suit her and can bounce back.
Dangers: 6. Meditate was first-up from a throat operation when leading and fighting on OK for second at Canterbury three weeks ago. Will be better for that run and handled all conditions. Expect her to be on the speed somewhere and giving a good account. 4. Echo Gem is a bit hit-and-miss, or at least was last time in, and resumes with a couple of synthetic trials under her belt. Runner-up to Fituese first-up last prep and split Lashes and Switched third-up but failed either side. Capable of showing up if things fall into place. 8. So Wicked is a very interesting runner first-up for Chris Waller off a pleasing trial win. Has gate one and James McDonald so betting will be significant.
How to play it: Sally’s Day each-way; trifecta 2/4,6,8/4,6,8.
Odds & Evens: Evens.

Best bets
Race 5: (10) Savigne
Race 6: (8) Ole Gai Soleil

Best value
Race 3: (14) Duenna

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How Dusty Springfield made a remarkable comeback

Because of all this, it felt like a minor pop miracle when Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe resuscitated her career just two years later. When the duo first approached Springfield with the duet in 1985, she turned them down – a glaring example of her self-sabotaging streak in action – but Wickham and the song’s co-writer Allee Willis managed to change her mind. According to Aston, collaborating with Tennant and Lowe during their imperial phase “brought her back to the forefront of British pop”. Like Tina Turner’s return to the charts earlier in the decade, Springfield’s appeal was predicated partly on her public image as a great survivor. “She still had the big hair and make-up that people remembered her for, and crucially she still sounded great,” Aston adds.

Looking back now, it’s a shame the Pet Shop Boys didn’t make an entire album with Springfield: a year earlier, they’d written and produced Results, a sparkling LP that reinvented Liza Minnelli as a classy contemporary pop diva. However, Tennant and Lowe were apparently put off by Springfield’s painstaking approach to recording, which was caused by her own nagging self-doubts telling her she was a ‘fraud’. “Doing a whole album with Dusty would probably give you a nervous breakdown,” Tennant recalled in the Pet Shop Boys’ recently reissued 1990 tour diary, Literally. “She recorded Nothing Has Been Proved one syllable at a time. It took two days.” 

The poignant subtext

So the Pet Shop Boys only oversaw side B of Reputation, with side A split between their regular collaborator Andy Richards, Swing Out Sister producer Paul Staveley O’Duffy and musician-producer Dan Hartman, who’s best known for recording the original version of Relight My Fire. Side A’s glossy pop-soul songs now sound a little dated in places, but Springfield’s voice – huskier than on 1960s hits such as You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me and Wishin’ and Hopin’, but still pretty magnificent – always cuts through the clutter.

Side A peaks when Springfield’s soaring performances spotlight lyrics which offer some clever and poignant subtext. It’s hard not to read Born This Way, which shares its title with a recent queer anthem by Lady Gaga, as a tacit acknowledgement of Springfield’s sexuality. Either way, elsewhere she definitely connects with world-weary lines that appear to reference her rollercoaster career. “There’s one thing in life, I have no doubt – you’re on the way up, or on the way out,” she sings knowingly. Equally, the stirring title track seems to acknowledge Springfield’s lifelong fear of having her private life dissected in the press. When backing singers chime in with “a reputation isn’t worth the patience – who cares what they’re thinking?”, it’s a very moving moment.

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Health expert warns US infections could reach 100,000 per day

White Home Infectious Conditions Skilled Dr Anthony Fauci has issued a bleak warning about the spike in coronavirus cases across the United States.

“We are heading to go on to be in a large amount of trouble and there’s heading to be a ton of damage if that does not halt,” he mentioned.

Mr Fauci informed the Senate the pandemic could attain up to 100,000 new infections per day.

He mentioned the health reaction really should emphasis on the entire country as even individuals states whose circumstances had been trending downwards were being created susceptible by outbreaks in other components of the state.

The US has recorded 2.6 million cases of the virus with 126,000 fatalities given that the commencing of the pandemic.

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