AFL 2021: Cats are hardly purring

Scrapping their way to a win against West Coast might be acceptable next week, but beating North with little flow and plenty of missed opportunities this week – especially given North were without Luke Davies-Uniacke, Luke McDonald and Cam Zurhaar from last round- was not expected.

Tom Stewart was a shining light in defence and played with a single-minded attack and poise his teammates sorely missed.

Sam De Koning, in his first game, couldn’t kick a goal but he showed plenty of promise in the air, and with some smart ground level touch work.

Joel Selwood throws everything at North’s Kayne Turner. Credit:Getty Images

Roos choke the sloppy Cats

Cats fans had the chance to thank former stars Harry Taylor and Gary Ablett jnr at GMHBA Stadium.

Cats fans had the chance to thank former stars Harry Taylor and Gary Ablett jnr at GMHBA Stadium.Credit:Getty Images

North’s early lead was broadly built on blocking the Cats up in their defensive half, and then spring-boarding into attack. They also threw plenty of numbers around the stoppages.

The AFL and its footy boss Steve Hocking might not have liked this return to 2020 and the decade before, with a healthy number of players folding back to flood the 50, but it was effective for the Kangaroos.

The Cats were very rarely clean with the footy, too. Hawkins missed an early set shot he normally would take, Patrick Dangerfield was kicking clanger after clanger, Tom Stewart bombed a ball across goal out on the full, and Cam Guthrie dropped an easy handball receive.

It all amounted to a frustrated atmosphere at Kardinia Park.

Ben Cunnington was also playing like a man possessed. He had 20 touches in the first half, which included six clearances and even one fend-off on his own teammate. Cunnington, who successfully challenged a suspension to play this week, ended up with 29 touches.


He might not be the most fashionable player but there are few, if any, who can cannon into a stoppage like he can, put out the heat he invited, and then get the ball to a teammate. A highlight in a sometimes dour game.

Farewell, from Gazza and Hazza

There were special scenes pre-game, with two of the Geelong Football Club’s greatest ever players Gary Ablett jnr and Harry Taylor bidding an official goodbye to supporters.

The pair, who retired last season, took part in a motorcade around the ground with their children beside them.

One of the great shames of the COVID-impacted 2020 was that Ablett and Tatylor’s final season could not happen in front of fans in Geelong, but Sunday’s farewell was at least a wonderful acknowledgement.

And no, Ablett cannot return in the mid-season draft despite reports to the contrary. There are rules prohibiting players who retire getting picked in the next mid-season draft, plus Geelong don’t have space on their list.

Geelong: Stewart, Menegola, Parfitt, Dangerfield, Stanley, Close.
North Melbourne:
Cunnington, Young, Ziebell, Turner, Bonar

T. Stewart (Geelong) 8
S. Menegola (Geelong) 7
B. Cunnington (North Melbourne) 7
B. Parfitt (Geelong) 7
J. Ziebell (North Melbourne) 7

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Hands on art for school holidays

Common in the subcontinent, the Middle East and parts of Africa, Henna involves creating patterns, which fade over time, on the hands, arms and other body parts.

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Transformation of Hamilton’s James Street Plaza begins – 16 News

City of Newcastle is kicking off work on its transformation of James Street Plaza to revitalise the space and attract more visitors, families, and shoppers to the popular spot on Beaumont Street.

Following community engagement on concept designs the Hamilton community will be able to enjoy the revitalised space sooner than first planned, with work now underway.


The upgrade will see an overhaul of paving, new street furniture and landscaping, and new artworks and ground etchings acknowledging Hamilton’s rich history.

Newcastle Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes said the upgrade will transform the plaza into a more safe, inclusive, and inviting place for local businesses and the community.

“James Street Plaza is an important space in the Beaumont Street shopping area, and this upgrade will improve the look and feel of the plaza as well as create a safer space for the community to enjoy,” the Lord Mayor said.

“Throughout our community engagement and regular discussions with business owners we have heard lots of ideas of how to improve the space, and in particular address concerns about safety at night.”

Upgrades to the plaza designed to improve activity in the space include an interactive lighting display developed in collaboration with the University of Newcastle, intended to create interest and celebrate Hamilton’s unique character and heritage.

Councillor Carol Duncan said the design reflects the broad feedback from the community, as well as contributions from local historian Ruth Cotton, author of Hidden Hamilton.

“Etchings on ground paving and signage in the plaza have been informed by Ruth’s extensive research of Hamilton’s history – from its traditional owners, through the suburb’s history as a mining settlement, its rich European influence from the Lettopalena Italian migrant community, and the impact of the 1989 earthquake,” Cr Duncan said.

“Upgrades to seating, paving and landscaping will better facilitate activation of the space for markets and live music.

“Once this valuable upgrade is complete, the design of James Street Plaza will reflect the rich culture of the suburb of Hamilton and will be an attractive central meeting place for people.”

Community feedback on the lighting concept options will be sought towards the end of the construction period.

Works are underway and are expected to be completed by mid 2021.

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Sexual harassment an ‘open secret’ in Victoria’s legal profession

Greater powers to protect lawyers from sexual harassment is one of the key recommendations of a landmark report that found such predatory behaviour was an open secret in Victorian courts.

Former Victorian attorney-general Jill Hennessy and Supreme Court chief justice Anne Ferguson initiated the review in the wake of the High Court’s independent inquiry into former top judge Dyson Heydon.

The report, led by Dr Helen Szoke AO and released on Monday morning, contains 20 recommendations including amending legislation to give the Judicial Commission more power to investigate allegations of sexual harassment.

Dr Helen Szoke who led the reportCredit:Joe Armao

Many women and some men told the inquiry that sexual harassment was an open secret in the legal profession and frequently perpetrated and experienced by barristers. Dr Szoke also found significant barriers to preventing people and witnesses from coming forward.

“Sexual harassment in our courts has to stop. It causes great harm to victim-survivors, and to the community’s confidence in the system. Urgent action on all 20 recommendations is how we change the behaviour and the culture,” Dr Szoke said.

The review also recommended the Attorney-General must take into account whether or not a prospective judge or magistrate was of “good character” before they are appointed to the bench.

The same test would be applied to senior counsel appointments.

Dr Szoke also called for the establishment of a formal complaint mechanism, which included options to lodge a complaint anonymously and independent investigation of allegations.

Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes, who replaced Ms Hennessy last year, said sexual harassment in the workplace was an issue that cannot be ignored.

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Personal growth tips for every small-business owner

It’s true in small business that when you’re
standing still, you’re really going backwards. The same applies to personal
growth. If you’re not continually evolving yourself, how can you expect your
business to move forward?

For me, that means I need constant
challenge in my life, to fuel my fire to create and innovate in the dozens of
small businesses I’ve founded. My latest is Small Is the New Big, the
renovation-based disruptor business that’s helping to create affordable housing
and also generating a revenue stream for people who want to add micro-apartments
to underutilised homes. In total, I’ve initiated 28 businesses in 28 years –
some successful, others less so – and I’ve picked up what I believe are a few
useful clues along the way.

The first thing I’ll say is that challenge that
leads to meaningful change is always bloody uncomfortable. I’ve run marathons
all over the world; completed intensive personal development workshops; done stints
of 10 consecutive days of totally silent meditation; even an incredibly confronting
but ultimately rewarding couples’ retreat.

Each time I’ve forced myself to step outside my comfort zone, because that’s the only place that meaningful change happens. I’ve had spiritual awakenings, incredible personal breakthroughs, and achieved totally natural highs. Every time I expose more layers of “the onion”, only to discover that each is thicker and stronger than the last. That translates to more challenge and greater discomfort, but also bigger potential gains.

Crucially, every personal breakthrough brings rewards back to my businesses, and the people who work in them. One key development has been to acknowledge my ego and learn how to rein it in. Yes, it can be a useful tool when presenting the in-person and (more recently) video-based seminars that are the key customer acquisition tool for Small Is the New Big. But as a big sign at my CrossFit says, “Your ego is not your amigo” and I now know there are times when I need to take a big step back and allow others to shine.

Although it may be your business and your baby, it doesn’t need to be shackled to your own development journey. If you have your ego in check, there’s great power and benefits in handing over trust to others. Acknowledge your own limitations and recruit people who are better than you, then empower them to do what you can’t.

As Australian cricket coach Justin Langer says, “I’ve never been to Harvard, but I employ plenty of people who have.”

By surrendering control of components of
the business to others who are better-qualified, you’re free to work on the
business, rather than in it. This is what being a leader looks like, rather
than a controller.

I like to refer to my team not as “staff”, which infers they’re just there to get paid, but as ‘talent’. In my opinion, if you’ve got “staff” rather than “talent”, then you’re just a business owner. If you’ve got “talent” working for you, you’re a genuine leader.

Another key learning has been to show empathy to my team and project a bit of vulnerability. I have strengths, but also weaknesses. By owning those weaknesses, your team understands you’re just like them. They respond by putting greater trust in you.

These are just a few of the lessons I’ve
learned along what has been an extremely tumultuous path. Everyone’s journey is
different but what I can say for certain is that if you’re not regularly working
on yourself, you could be negating all the hard work you put into your

Ian Ugarte, Founder, Small is the New Big

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Caltex accelerates network growth in Q1 to help fuel a recovering economy

Posting strong network growth in the first quarter of 2021, Caltex, marketed by Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), warmly embraces the dry season by boosting its retail network with eight newly-opened service stations and two Caltex Havoline autoPro workshop openings in key provinces.

Bolstering its network of nearly 650 service stations and 75 Caltex HavolineautoProand bikePro workshops at present, Caltex seeks to cater to the fuel and car maintenance needs of both local and transient motorists nationwide this season.

Travel better by tanking up at more Caltex stations

Motorists heading up north can stop for refueling at the recently inaugurated service station in Brgy. Paras,Candon City, Ilocos Sur. Situated along the southbound lane of the MacArthur highway, the service station is now ready to power motorists coming to and from Metro Manila and other provinces. Candon City is regarded as the “Tobacco Capital of the Philippines” and is also notable for its C-shape landmass.

More motorists flock at the Caltex station in Brgy. San Manuel, Puerto Princesa to get their tanks filled as they embark on a journey this season.

Another Caltex station opened in San Mateo, Isabela, ready to perk up the daily drives of motorists in the area. This service station is strategically located along the country’s principal transport backbone, Maharlika Highway, which connects Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. San Mateo is also an agroecological area known as the largest producer of mung beans or munggo in the country.

The second Caltex service station in Naguilian, La Union also rose in Brgy. Ortiz, the focal hub of the town’s commercial activities. This station caters to motorists going to and from Baguio City. Naguilian is an agricultural town that is home to the original Basi, a native fermented beverage made from sugarcane.

In South Luzon, Caltex recently opened two stations inPuloDiezmo Road, Cabuyao, and Brgy. Tinga, Batangas City to serve quality fuels to private vehicles and commercial fleets travelling around the provinces of Laguna and Batangas. Cabuyao is often called the “Golden Bell City” while the cove-shaped Batangas City is dubbed as the “Industrial Port City of CALABARZON.” The two areas are home to historical landmarks, beaches, and gastronomic cuisines.

Locals and tourists basking in the splendor of the tropical paradise of Palawan can also fill up their vehicle tanks at the newly-opened Caltex stations to power a blissful escapade around the island. The three Caltex stations are situated in South Road, Brgy. Bataraza, Puerto Princesa; South Road, Poblacion, Rio Tuba, and North Road, Brgy. San Manuel, Puerto Princesa. Motorists can also opt to visit the commercial stalls around the roadside stations for refreshments. Palawan takes pride in its pristine beaches and coastlines, picturesque cave formations, and prized delicacies.

The five Caltex stations deliver the premium Euro 4 compliant fuel Caltex with Techron to guarantee motorists higher vehicle performance, cleaner engines, and lower emissions. Caltex also maintains strict health protocols and offers cashless payment options to ensure safer drives for motorists and to further the country’s recovery.

Conquer longer roads with more maintenance hubs

Aside from its service station openings, two new Caltex HavolineautoProworkshops were also opened in Luzon and Mindanao. Motorists in Ilocos Norte needing a vehicle tune-up can make a pit stop at the newly-opened Northbound Auto Care site located at Brgy. 2, F. Julian St., Pila Road, Laoag City. Open on Mondays to Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., this autoPro workshop is ready to provide quality Caltex lubricant products and services, such as maintenance checks and car repairs.

The second recently-opened Caltex Havoline autoPro workshop stands along Diosdado Macapagal Highway, Diversion Road, Ma-a, Davao City. On top of its quality automotive products, this one-stop vehicle maintenance workshop has quick service bays for oil and fluid change, ancillary bays for minor repairs, and wash bays for car cleaning. It operates from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is open from Mondays to Saturdays.

The Caltex Havoline autoPro workshop in Ma-a, Davao City is ready to optimize the performance of vehicles for smoother travel around the Davao region.

Motorists and gearheads alike are guaranteed the best possible experience the moment they drive in at the Caltex Havoline autoPro and bikePro workshops as these sites have quality Caltex lubricant products, accommodating frontline staff, well-trained mechanics, and modern facilities that can make them feel secure. The two workshops cater to cars and motorcycles, respectively.

“Not only can motorists enjoy a wonderful, uninterrupted ride with our top-tier fuels and lubricants, but also experience a high level of customer service, less waiting time for gassing up with more efficient digital payment options, and exciting rewards. Caltex continues to offer these services to bring a safer and next-level travel experience for motorists nationwide. We also remain committed to expanding our network in the country’s remote regions and in urban areas where commerce thrives to help buoy up the Philippine economy. Sa Caltex, tuloy-tuloy ang biyahe,” CPI Country Chairman Billy Liu said.

This year, Caltex continues to ramp up its retail portfolio by adding more Caltex stations and Caltex Havoline autoPro and bike Proworkshops to serve many Filipinos nationwide. Motorists can find the nearest Caltex station in their area at and the list of Caltex Havoline autoPro workshops at

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IndyCar Grand Prix of Alabama 2021 live: Scott McLaughlin debut, grid position, timings, how to watch, start time, details

Scott McLaughlin narrowly avoided disaster just 20 seconds into his IndyCar debut in Alabama on Monday morning before coming home in 14th position, while Australia’s Will Power jumped from fourth on the grid to finish second.

Multiple cars were wiped out in a massive crash on the opening lap at Barber Motorsports Park after Josef Newgarden lost control, taking out Felix Rosenqvist, Ryan Hunter-Reay, Colton Herta and Max Chilton.

McLaughlin, however, got out of dodge and moved up three spots from 12th to ninth on the opening lap.

Stream Scott McLaughlin and Aussie Will Power in the IndyCar opener in Alabama Live & On-Demand on Kayo. New to Kayo? Try 14-Days Free Now >

The Kiwi, however, was unable to hold onto the position but eventually came home in a solid 14th position for 16 championship points for Team Penske.

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Tommy Raudonikis memorial updates: Rugby league legend honoured in service at Sydney Cricket Ground

A public memorial for the rugby league icon is underway at the SCG.

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Stokes’ Seven Group Holdings eyes buys as it raises $500 million

Kerry Stokes’ Seven Group Holdings has launched a $500 million capital raising it says will help it pay down some of its debt pile and free up cash within its business, potentially for more acquisitions.

The diversified Seven Group Holdings, which owns a stake in Seven West Media as well as significant mining equipment interests, will use the raising to also increase its free float.

Seven Group Holdings chairman Kerry Stokes. Stokes family interests currently own 42.5 per cent of the group but following the raising will hold 38.8 per cent.
Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

Stokes family interests currently own 42.5 per cent of the group but following the raising will hold 38.8 per cent, the company said.

Seven Group Holdings managing director Ryan Stokes said the raising would strengthen the group’s balance sheet and position it for future growth.

“As our track record demonstrates, we maintain a disciplined approach to investment and capital allocation for the benefit of our shareholders”

“Today’s raising follows positive investor feedback and reflects a desire to see a continued increase in free float,” Mr Stokes said.


Seven’s raising will also give it firepower to make more major acquisitions following its purchase of a $1 billion stake in Boral in the past 12 months.

New shares will be issued at a fixed price of $22.50 per share, representing a 4 per cent discount to the closing price on Friday of $23.43.

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MasterChef Australia 2021 boss spills on contestant’s breakdown

The new season of MasterChef will feature a “gut-wrenching” moment where one of the contestants breaks down.

After weeks of promotion, Season 13 of the cooking show will launch tonight on Ten.

One of the many promos rolled out by Ten recently features audio of a contestant saying: “I can’t cook … I’ve just got nothing left.”

For more details about the moment, asked the show’s executive producer, Marty Benson, what he could tell us.

“There’s a moment in the series, I would say it’s the seminal moment in the series, where something happens with a contestant that’s never happened in my time,” Mr Benson told “It’s extremely gut-wrenching.”

What we know about this season of MasterChef

After months of auditions carried out over Zoom and eventually in person in Melbourne, 24 contestants were picked to battle it out for this year’s MasterChef crown and $250,000 in prize money.

Melissa Leong, Andy Allen and Jock Zonfrillo are back as judges and according to Mr Benson, the trio are incredibly excited to “work with fresh contestants as opposed to past contestants”.

“Something that we experienced last season on ‘Back To Win’, the contestants were all brilliant but they all had their own brand,” he told “They knew what they were.

“For example, Brendan Pang just wanted to cook dumplings because he’s already set up his dumplings business.

“That’s a big difference this year,” Mr Benson said. “Our contestants are really finding their way throughout the competition. I hate to use this term but they’re going on a journey. It’s bloody brilliant.”

RELATED: MasterChef boss reveals how he got Katy Perry on the show

Which guest judges will appear on MasterChef this year

Getting some of the world’s most popular chefs to appear on MasterChef this year was incredibly challenging due to the pandemic.

Instead of appearing in person, famous foodies including Nigella Lawson, Yotam Ottolenghi and Heston Blumenthal will appear on vertical screens installed in the studio.

“Our challenge was: how do we involve them (overseas guest judges) and keep them included in the episode in an interesting and creative way,” Mr Benson told

“For Nigella, we were inspired by her recent book, Cook, Eat, Repeat. In that book, instead of having normal recipes, she calls them ‘love letters’ to her dishes. So we got Nigella to read out a ‘love letter’ to one of her recipes and then challenged our contestants to recreate that dish without knowing what the actual dish was.

“The vertical screens are incredible so it looks like Nigella is in the room with us. She’s live and constantly communicating with the judges and at the end of the cook she’s looking at all their dishes,” Mr Benson explained.

Also appearing on this season of MasterChef will be Massimo Bottura, Clare Smyth, Curtis Stone, Kirsten Tibballs, Darren Purchese, Alla Wolf-Tasker, Scott Pickett, Poh Ling Yeow, Callum Hann and Reynold Poernomo.

MasterChef dish secret revealed

If you’ve watched MasterChef in the past, you might have wondered how long the gap is between the contestants finishing the cooking challenge and the judges actually getting to taste the dishes.

Mr Benson revealed to that the judges actually try all the dishes before they’re shown tasting it on camera.

“Once the cook is finished and the contestants go for a break, the judges quickly run around and taste all the elements of all the dishes while they’re hot,” Mr Benson said.

The executive producer said that contestants make a second plate of food for the judges to try in addition to the one they plate up for the on-camera judging.

“Also, the judges walk around with their pockets full of spoons and forks and they just taste sauces and purees and other elements throughout the cook, so they’ve got a fair idea what they taste like,” Mr Benson added.

MasterChef Australia returns tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 10

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