LetsVenture announces partnership with 100X.VC

LetsVenture, an early stage start-up Investment platform, announced a partnership with 100X.VC on Tuesday, to enhance investor reach for 100X.VC’s portfolio companies.

100X.VC recently announced its latest cohort of investments of 11 start-ups through Class 4 VC Pitch Day, the fund’s latest investments. These start-ups will showcase their vision on the LetsVenture platform whereby investors onboarded with the platform will get an opportunity to participate in these fast-growing start-ups funded by 100X.VC.

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‘Early opportunity’

“For 7,500-plus investors, many of who regularly invest through the LetsVenture platform (angels, ultra-high-net-worth individuals, and family offices), this partnership provides an early opportunity to participate in companies funded by 100X.VC and support the founders in their venture-building journey, with time and capital. LetVenture will invest through its SEBI registered angel fund. We see this partnership growing as 100X.VC continues to build their cohorts” said Shanti Mohan, founder, LetsVenture in a statement.

The partnership will support in creating a pipeline of investment opportunities for LetsVenture members, giving curated and credible deal portfolio companies from 100X.VC.

“We are excited to announce this partnership. Working with India’s leading angel platform like LetsVenture helps our founders enhance their reach to the investor community and get an opportunity to work with some of the greatest minds in the entrepreneurial and the start-up ecosystem” said, NinadKarpe, Partner, 100X.VC.

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Nicola Sturgeon set to be re-elected as Scotland’s First Minister

NICOLA Sturgeon is set to be formally elected as Scotland’s First Minister at Holyrood.

MSPs will vote at 2pm today, with the SNP leader expected to continue leading the country following the Scottish Parliament election earlier this month.

Willie Rennie will be challenging Sturgeon for the position. He told LBC that “in a parliament of minorities it is important that there is a challenge”. He added: “This should not just be an SNP cakewalk”

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Nominees for the position must put themselves forward by 1.30pm, ahead of the vote that is overseen by the new Presiding Officer, Alison Johnstone.

Candidates will have five minutes to appeal for support from other MSPs who will each be able to cast one vote.

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In the case of only one candidate, MSPs will be asked to vote for, against or abstain. If that candidate obtains a simple majority, he or she will be declared as the Parliament’s nomination for First Minister.

If there are two candidates, a candidate is selected if they obtain a simple majority of votes in their favour.

Where there are more than two candidates, a winner would be elected if they exceed the total number of votes for all other candidates.

If they fall short of an absolute majority, the candidate with the smallest number of votes is eliminated and further rounds of voting take place until a candidate is selected.

You can watch the selection of the new First Minister on Scottish Parliament TV.

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How SMEs can open communication with traditionally non-English speaking markets

International borders are more blurred than they’ve ever been. Technology, working alongside globalisation, has made it possible to hire from across the globe, sell to customers with different backgrounds, and build business relationships outside “traditional” marketplaces.

Running a small business and selling to non-English speaking markets can expand your potential customer base by the millions while saving on staff and translator costs too. The only snag being that selling to these customers is often hamstrung by one problem: the language barrier.

Having worked with overseas markets and non-English speakers throughout my career, I knew that the key to effective communication (and getting sales) was personalised, quality conversations in the speaker’s language. SMEs need to make their messages meaningful to their audiences, not just make them available – they need to be accessible. A vast, untapped market awaits SMEs around Australia, but they’re not yet using the technology to effectively communicate with such markets.

Don’t be afraid to take the leap into messaging to communicate with customers – they want easier ways to connect. Today’s technology can go a step further and provide real-time translation too, saving the need for clunky copy-and-pastes into an online translator. Now, the conversation just flows.

Australia has 4.9 million people speaking a language other than English at home; one fifth of our population. Without the proper tools at your disposal to communicate with them, that’s 20 per cent of the marketplace lost.

Customers want questions answered, and expect clear, concise communication. They need product support, expect top-tier service, and if they don’t receive it, will post a negative review on Google. It’s the same for non-English speakers; SMEs need to make effective communication more accessible to them.

It was understanding this that motivated creating the Jeeves.Plus messaging platform. It provides engagement, staff efficiencies, and cost savings better than phone and email-based customer support.

The system’s uptake allows SMEs to do business with the hearing impaired community, and globalise sales efforts through automatic translation in 109 different languages. It allows for multiple conversations at once, and eliminates the need for call-waiting queues.

With limited staff, managing incoming messages from all your social channels is frustratingly difficult. Jeeves.Plus allows companies to streamline inbound messaging through a single platform – with SMS, Facebook Messenger, Webchat, and Google Business Message requests appearing in one window. The platform’s templated responses allow communication to be even faster: customer details are automatically filled out as new information becomes available.

SMEs can expand their outreach through creating and sending thousands of messages to customers. People are open to, and engage with text messages far more than emails; our methodology achieves 98% open rates – unheard of in email communications. SMEs will find it very affordable and effective to send promotions, such as discount codes, directly to their customers’ mobiles.

Multilingual text-to-translator services and communications will better allow this new customer base to open up a dialogue with businesses and provide valuable input.

The technology now exists to open the doors to a huge market of new customers. It’s as simple as sending an SMS. Start speaking their language, and your customers will be impressed.


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Clueless John Oliver Shows His True Colors – Accuses Israel of War Crimes – Jewish Business News

Clueless John Oliver Shows His True Colors – Accuses Israel of War Crimes

But he failed to explain why he is such an expert on the matter.

Last Week Tonight (Screen Capture)

John Oliver is just another comedian who thinks he is an expert on politics and so started his own political talk show. But like many of the others, he is incapable of just acknowledging when there is an issue which he knows little about. On the latest episode of his program Oliver showed that this was the case when it comes to Israel.

In a factually flawed – to say the least – and very hostile rant, which lasted for more than ten minutes, to open his Sunday night program “Last Week Tonight,”  Oliver took it upon himself to blame Israel for all of the violence which has transpired in the last week. The man who has no journalistic credentials, no background in history, politics or foreign policy, and who cherry picks the news reports which he in turn uses to defend his weekly rants on the issues, has spoken: It is of course all Israel’s fault no matter what the facts may actually be.

HBO seems to be so embarrassed by Oliver’s ravings that it has removed the entire opening segment from his last show as it appears on its YouTube channel.

i24 News Screen Shot

At one point Oliver had the Chutzpah to say these words: “One side has suffered over 10 times the casualties, something which speaks to both the severe power imbalance at play here and how that often gets obscured by how we choose to talk about it.”

Where to begin? This is not a zero sum game. Even Hamas will admit that a large number of the casualties in Gaza are its own terrorists. The casualty figures cited every time there is a conflict in Gaza cite local health authorities as the source. These “authorities” are run by Hamas. And Israeli authorities have reported that a large percentage of Hamas missiles misfired or blew up on the ground, hitting buildings within Gaza. So who knows how many people there have been harmed by Hamas’ own weapons?

Here is some more of Oliver’s rantings:
“But we have got to start having this conversation honestly, and falling back on convenient, sanitized terms like ‘real estate dispute’ and ‘airstrikes on militants’ feels a little disingenuous when what you’re describing is forcing people from the homes they’ve lived in for decades and killing civilians and children. And again, none of this frees Hamas from responsibility, but Hamas doesn’t represent all Palestinians, just as what Israel is doing right now doesn’t represent all Israelis or indeed, Jewish people.”

Fox News Screen Shot

“Lots is complicated here. But some things are pretty simple. One side is suffering much more. And if America really wants to help, it might want to seriously consider changing its long-held position here, because for decades, the backbone of America’s policy in the Middle East is that America is an unwavering friend to Israel. Which is a great thing to try and be, but at the end of the day, I would hope that a real friend would tell me when I’m being an asshole, and definitely when I’m committing a fucking war crime.”

John Oliver seems to think that Israel is more culpable here because it can defend itself with the Iron Dome anti-missile system. He even condemned an Israeli general for saying that Hamas has its own version of the Iron Dome which is to simply stop firing missiles at Israel. Because, of course, how dare anyone imply in any way that these attacks are not justified, or that they are the cause of Israel’s reprisals.

No one should be surprised by the level of Oliver’s self-importance, self-righteous indignation, nor the level of his unveiled disdain for Israel. John Oliver did, after all, get his start as a protégé of Jon Stewart’s working under that comic for many years on “The Daily Show.” His This Week is just a weekly knock off of Stewart’s old show.

Oliver joined Stewart as a comedian who thinks he is a political pundit and who just spits out one sided rants on a regular basis. At least Jon Stewart used to have guests on his show for interviews. And these guests were frequently people who disagreed with him on the issues, but he granted a forum to give the other side’s view of things.

And as for Israel, Jon Stewart was always able to hide behind the fact that he happened to be born Jewish as somehow giving him a right to criticize the country, no matter how wrong or ignorant he always seemed to be about the conflict. What is John Oliver’s excuse?

Oliver is just an Englishman who abandoned his homeland to make more money in Hollywood, but after failing as a comic had to start a weekly political show. For some reason people like him think that as long as they tell a few jokes here and there then they can just say that theirs is really just a comedy program. But in the case of “Last Week Tonight” it is kind of hard to find the laughs, if they exist at all.

Read more about: John Oliver

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US military intercepted small aircraft in restricted airspace as Biden visited Delaware home

The U.S. military intercepted a small aircraft that flew into restricted airspace in Delaware over the weekend, grounding the pilot at a nearby airport in Pennsylvania as President Biden visited his home in Wilmington.

“On May 16, at approximately 1:09 p.m., a small aircraft violated the restricted airspace in Wilmington, DE,” a Secret Service spokesperson said in a statement. “Per standard protocol, U.S. military aircraft responded, the aircraft was intercepted, and the pilot redirected to a local airport.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Defense told Fox News that the pilot was not in communication with air traffic controllers when entering the restricted airspace and thus did so without proper clearance.

“The NORAD fighter dispensed signal flares during the intercept in an effort to gain the pilot’s attention and direct them safely out of the restricted zone,” the Defense Department spokesperson explained. “The violating aircraft was monitored by the NORAD aircraft until it landed at a nearby airfield.”


Jon Martin, the aviation director at New Garden Airport in Pennsylvania, confirmed to Fox News on Monday that the small aircraft had violated the temporary flight restriction zone and was signaled with warning flares by the military fighter jet. 

Martin said the plane was then grounded at the New Garden airport, noting that the local airport has been suffering frequent shutdowns due to flight restrictions implemented each time Biden returns home.

This was the first aircraft that was grounded at New Garden Airport, Martin said. Commercial air traffic, he noted, is unaffected by the temporary flight restrictions.


Typically, flight restrictions for presidential visits include a 30 nautical mile ring, within which there is a smaller no-fly zone.

Martin said the single-engine plane had departed Ocean City, Maryland for New York when it was intercepted. He said he believed the pilot was unaware of the restrictions and was not deliberately trying to cause issues.

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No amount of spin is likely to save our cricketers from this new PR disaster

Some top Australian cricketers are obviously better at reading their big money contracts than the 2018 independent report into their “culture of arrogance” and “gilded bubble”.

Otherwise, they might have not flown back into another publicity debacle amid claims of special treatment on their return from COVID-ravaged India this week.

It is hard to believe our leading players could attract more national outrage than only three years ago during “Sandpapergate”.

The ball tampering incident in March 2018 led to temporary bans for three Test players including the captain and that damning review which promised cultural change.

In February this year the new caring Cricket Australia cancelled the planned South African Test series because of safety fears for their players. At the time that country was reporting 1.5 million cases and 44,000 deaths.

Yet some 38 players and officials flew to India for the IPL tournament beginning mid April just as the COVID cases were exploding. The country has since seen 275,000 deaths and 25 million cases.

Money is the word most often used on social media to explain why they seemed happy to play in a private capacity for the lucrative Indian Premier League, or IPL, while on holiday from representing their country.

As the pandemic escalated in April, there were widespread reports the Australian government might ban return flights to Australia and three players decided to abandon the IPL tournament and make a dash home via Doha.

That option was soon closed when the Morrison government threatened massive fines and jail terms to others using that route to avoid the direct India flight travel ban. Teammates who stayed responded with a variety of passive aggressive tweets.

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Geelong beats St Kilda by 21 points at Docklands to kick off round nine

Geelong has again stepped up in the second half to grind out a 21-point win against a wayward St Kilda under the roof at Docklands.

In a low-scoring scrap on Friday night, the Cats clicked into gear after the main break to record their sixth win of the season.

It was nowhere near as convincing as their irresistible third-quarter demolition of reigning premiers Richmond in last week’s AFL grand final rematch but it was enough.

The Saints trailed by just five points at three-quarter-time and still appeared a genuine chance of an upset victory, but simply lacked polish as Geelong ran out winners 10.8 (68) to 5.17 (47).

Adding to St Kilda’s pain was a foot injury to Rowan Marshall, with the important ruckman distraught after being subbed off for Ben Long in the third quarter.

The Saints dominated early but only led by three points at half-time completely thanks to some diabolical finishing in front of goal.

The Saints sprayed nine behinds before their first goal came through Max King 10 minutes into the second quarter.

But King’s (1.5) night went downhill from there, with his case of yips worsening and he even fell over by himself inside-50 when running into an open goal.

Most of their shots were more than gettable, while Geelong converted opportunities at the other end.

Former Hawthorn wingman Isaac Smith was a game-breaker for the Cats, while midfielders Joel Selwood and Cameron Guthrie delivered.

Tom Hawkins, Gary Rohan and the unheralded Brad Close kicked two goals each for Geelong on a night when scoring proved difficult.

Geelong defender Zach Tuohy had the crowd on their feet in the first quarter when he launched a torpedo from a kick-out which almost hit the roof and journeyed past halfway on the ground.

The Cats will be back at Kardinia Park next Saturday when they host Gold Coast, while St Kilda (4-5) tackle the Western Bulldogs, another premiership contender, in round 10.



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Prince Harry’s complaints about upbringing ‘no different to Charles talking about his’

The Duke of Sussex’s complaints about his upbringing are no different to his father’s criticism of his own parents in an authorised biography by Jonathan Dimbleby, sources close to Prince Harry have suggested.

In a podcast, the Duke, 36, implied he had been failed not only by the Prince of Wales but through association, by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh too.

Prince Harry talks to Oprah Winfrey as part of their new mental health series, The Me You Can’t See. Credit:Apple TV

He said his father treated him “the way he was treated” as he revealed that he moved to the US to “break the cycle” of “genetic pain” for his own children.

The comments were reportedly met with bewilderment by the Royal family, who considered it a betrayal. Aides said he had shown a “woeful lack of compassion” and questioned why the Sussexes continued to use their royal titles when they appeared so disillusioned with the institution. But sources close to the Sussexes pointed out that Prince Charles had lifted the lid on his own unhappy childhood in Dimbleby’s 1994 book, The Prince of Wales: A Biography, with which he cooperated extensively.

It recently emerged that in his new Apple TV mental health series, the Duke would be talking about his mother’s death and the experience of having to walk behind her coffin at her funeral.

The five-part documentary, The Me You Can’t See, will be released on Friday.

A trailer released yesterday showed Prince Harry, then 12, in the procession for the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997. He is shown looking upset, with his hand shaking as he holds it to his mouth.

The series marks the latest in a string of media projects in which he has spoken at length about his experience growing up as a member of the Royal family and the traumatic aftermath of his mother’s death.

He was filmed in conversation with co-presenter Oprah Winfrey, the US television chat show host, saying: “To make that decision to receive help is not a sign of weakness. In today’s world more than ever, it is a sign of strength.”

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6 Success Secrets for Women in Fitness

While women make up most of the frontline fitness roles, we see a sharp decline in the number that hold traditional leadership roles in facilities, organizations and companies that make up our industry. Much debate continues around the statistics—is it causation or correlation? Solving the tricky relationship between women aspiring to be in these roles and then receiving training, grooming and opportunities to ascend to these roles is work we must do. Simultaneously, we can all agree that arming women with “secrets” for success will benefit both them and the industry, as well as those we serve.

Before diving into the six secrets, we must set a solid foundation upon which these axioms can settle. Acknowledge you are a woman, and then put that aside! Yes, there are inherent and systemic challenges to “making it work” as a female in our society, which COVID has exacerbated. Biological, anthropological and societal issues are ingrained, and plenty of institutional underpinnings exist. Still, even a recent study published in the Harvard Business Review states that “many women aren’t held back by being women, they’re held back because of the ‘overworking’ nature of U.S. biz.”  

We must continue to shine a light on the inequalities we face as a collective and address how the pervasive work culture in the U.S. requires women to make unfair choices. In the meantime, charge forward as a bright mind with a big heart and innovative ideas that can change the world. We got this … 

Here are six secrets that might help as you put on your Wonder Woman cape and get to work:

1. Own Your Superpowers

Women have many superpowers, but these three position you perfectly for leading in the world today: 

  • Communication
  • Connection
  • Empathy 

These three skills are the cornerstones of relationship selling and marketing, which are both favored in the marketplace today. In fact, a 2016 study published by the global consulting firm Korn Ferry Hay Group found that women outperform men in 11 of 12 key emotional intelligence competencies, including emotional self-awareness, empathy, conflict management, inspirational leadership, coaching and mentoring, adaptability and teamwork. These are also essential skills for effective leadership in the workplace. 

2. Pick Yourself

Now that you’re more aware of your superpowers, don’t wait for someone to ask you to the dance. Put on your most favorite outfit, grab an Uber Black and make a grand entrance. 

Women need to practice becoming radically self-reliant. 

My favorite quote that sums up this idea comes from Ash Ambirge in her book, The Middle Finger Project: “By learning to become radically self-reliant, I custom-made my own role instead of being forced to retrofit myself into someone else’s idea of what ‘work’ should look like. Because if all of us are just making it up as we go along anyway, we might as well have a good time with it, right?”

I couldn’t agree more. Often, women opt out because they can’t find the perfect role that meets the unique needs of their lives. But if you can’t find it, create it, whether that means striking out on your own or pitching a position to an organization.

Picking yourself also requires you to believe that you can. While a variety of external factors may make it harder for women to navigate traditional leadership roles in the corporate world, you must set those aside and shift your mindset. If you don’t first believe in yourself, it will be tough for others to believe in you. 

Catherine Perez, Corporate Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Partnerships and Business Development, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, has this advice for women who want to rise into leadership: “…stop asking yourself if you can. Doubt is killer for action and promotion….If it is in your mind, it will enter others’ minds. Don’t question yourself. Start walking and the path will create itself under your feet.”

3. Trust That There Are No Wrong Moves

Here’s another priceless statement from Ambirge: “A richer path, I believe, is made up of many false starts, not always resulting in triumph, but always resulting in information.”

You must act. Even when you are not 100% certain of what will work, it’s essential to jump in. The secret is to choose an action that will not cost you more than you’ll gain. You learn from your “experiments,” put your findings to work, iterate and act again. Outcomes equal information, and no move is ever wrong.

Of course, it helps if you first determine what you want or what you’re working toward. Be as specific as you can about steps that might lead you there by researching and getting curious with others who may have walked the path before you. Take time to reflect on the strengths and skills needed as well as those you already possess. Create a roadmap with little actions along the way to provide the information you need to take the next step down the road.

4. Know Your Worth

“More and more women in leadership positions are pushing the boundaries of gender equality by utilizing their strengths and leadership qualities – in skill, knowledge, experience and emotion,” Marci Martin, a contributing writer to Business News Daily, writes. “They are pursuing the things they want from their job and their career, not waiting for it to come to them. The key is confidence in all your resources and abilities, not just those represented on paper.”

Worth is not only about the need to close the systemic wage gap but also about identifying your gifts, advocating for what you believe to be fair compensation, and forgetting the term imposter syndrome. 

  • Identify your gifts: Strengths Finder, an inexpensive self-assessment, is a fantastic place to start. Use this tool to identify your five best strengths objectively. Once you know, you can focus on cultivating your unique strengths to build a satisfying career and, perhaps, use the information as a confidence boost to go for it. 


  • Advocate for yourself: Do your research and learn what those strengths can and should get you. For what roles should you be raising your hand? What type of compensation should you be requesting? Who should you know? What should you learn? 


  • Eradicate imposter syndrome: Tips, tricks and mindset shift suggestions have been shared over the years to help women (and men) overcome what seems to be a pervasive issue: imposter syndrome. The article, “Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome,” in Harvard Business Review recently made me stop in my tracks. It’s almost become a universal refrain for women when asked why they are sitting on the sidelines or not going after what they truly want. 

Imposter syndrome is about doubting your abilities or feeling like a fraud; it puts the responsibility back on you to fix it. It does not consider the existing systemic racial and gender biases that might be the reason you are less than optimistic about your ability to make things happen. Not that we want to take solace in the fact that there are times when the outcome is truly beyond our control, or that unconscious bias may take us out of the running, but you are not an imposter. You might be a bit unsure, nervous or scared, and you may indeed be reaching, but don’t you deserve what you’re after? Revert to secret number two and pick yourself.

5. Avoid the Female Fallacies

On your path to success, you will need to be on the lookout for a few things we are naturally inclined to do that might inadvertently get in our way:

  • Do less, delegate more: Success requires “big brain” work, as my daughter would call it. To have space for this type of work, you have to figure out how to delegate some of the doing instead of doing it all yourself. 


  • Cure the disease to please: If you’re planning on doing big things, some people might not like it, and that’s O.K. And remember, you don’t have to be perfect, either! 


  • Stop learning, start working: A commonly cited Hewlett-Packard study on internal hiring practices found men often apply for a job when they meet 60% of the qualifications, while women wait until they meet 100% of them, believing that they will not be considered unless they meet the criteria exactly. Every woman should believe she is capable and prove it through the interview process instead of opting out.


  • Own your accomplishments: Begin by striking the word luck from your vocabulary. Women disproportionately attribute their success to luck compared to their male counterparts, thus downplaying the part they play in their success and, potentially, subconsciously sabotage their hard work. While it’s important to walk a fine line between being boastful and egotistical, it is time to look in the mirror and own the actions that have allowed you to arrive at your present place in life. While it’s possible that serendipitous events led you to a path you might not have otherwise wandered down, you were the one on the path and you possessed the unique skills that made it possible for you to capitalize on the opportunity

6. Ignore Everyone (Including Me)

There is no shortage of advice aimed at women looking to increase their impact. Moreover, much of the advice you’ll find is contradictory. Take the time to define what success means to you versus allowing others to define it.  

What do you believe success looks like? Is it a number in your bank account or your impact? Is it pursuing your chosen path while keeping other key areas of focus, such as your partner, your children or your friendships, intact? There are no right or wrong answers but articulating what you think will help you sort through the advice. 

Once you have a clearer picture of what success means to you, talk to those closest to you and seek reinforcement. It’s helpful to receive validation from your inner circle and align with those whom your choices most intimately affect. However, be aware that seeking too many opinions can leave you paralyzed. While your choices may not seem logical to anyone else, as long as they are right for you success will come.

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Private firms in Indonesia are starting their own vaccination effort

IN TIMES OF hardship, Indonesians turn to each other for help. That is the idea behind gotong royong, or mutual assistance, the Javanese name for a custom in which villagers help build each other’s houses or clean up after a natural disaster. It is therefore unfortunate that the organisers of a private vaccination scheme have borrowed the name. When it launches on May 17th, “Vaksinasi Gotong Royong” (VGR) will inoculate millions of people against covid-19. But rather than encouraging Indonesians to help each other, it encourages the richer ones to help themselves.

When the government kicked off its vaccination drive in January, it pledged to jab 181.5m people, about two-thirds of the population, by the end of the year. The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, known as Kadin, suggested that private companies could help move things along by paying for vaccines procured by the government and inoculating their employees and their families. The idea is to reduce the amount of time it takes for Indonesia to achieve herd immunity and defray the cost of the government’s free vaccination programme. “We have to appreciate that the government is trying its best,” says Shinta Kamdani of Kadin. “But I think they cannot do it alone.”

The government gave Kadin the green light in February. Given that…

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