How she fundraised for her startup while quarantined with 6 kids

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! More women than ever are running for Congress, what happens when a reopening war room is entirely male, and a startup CEO explains how she raised a Series A from home. Have a wonderful weekend. 

– Fundraising from home. Working from home is difficult enough, but fundraising from home is another level–especially with six kids.

Maria Colacurcio would know.

The Seattle-based CEO of pay equity software platform Syndio had been courting Silicon Valley investors when the coronavirus crisis brought her travel to a halt. She persisted from her table at home, as her husband took the reins on homeschool and childcare for their kids, ages 2 to 13.

Today, Emma has the scoop on the $7.5 million Series A round Colacurcio secured from that unique setting; it’s led by Voyager Capital and the Emerson Collective, the organization that does a mix of nonprofit and for-profit work on behalf of Laurene Powell Jobs.

Colacurcio says she relished sharing “the win of that moment” with her family after they’d also witnessed first-hand the stress of the fundraising process.

Syndio’s platform—used by the likes of Adobe, Match Group, Nordstrom, Slack and Target— allows companies to perform real-time analyses of employee compensation, catching discrepancies and creating what-if scenarios that model how those gaps change with every hire, promotion, or layoff. In the current era, its use has extended beyond a tool to evaluate pay for current employees, as Emma explains.

Colacurcio says two factors helped her cut through the coronavirus chaos to secure the round: First, employers’ fear of facing litigation (an evergreen motivator, if ever there was one!). And second, “More progressive thinkers want to look back and be able to say they kept fairness in mind. Progressive leaders are focused on legacy: ‘How will I be judged post-COVID? Did I allow fairness to take a backseat?’”

That final question should be a constant for any leader—pandemic or not.

Read Emma’s story on Syndio’s round here.

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