Top 5 behind-the-scenes stories of major Sitcoms

Whether you are fan of TV Series, Sitcoms or any other TV entertainment to get through day one they need to capture us the audience. They need for us to get into the hype and basically love the show. So we couldn’t help but dig deep to the behind the scene stories that could majorly twist the plot of the whole show.

Speaking of behind the scene stories, sitcoms are in abundance of those, hence, listed are the top five behind the scene stories from the most loved sitcoms.

We’ll start of the list with FRIENDS. One ongoing storyline concerning Ross in Friends is that his ex-wife, Carol, left him for another woman. Shortly, Carol and Ross have a child, Ben, thus have to learn to co-parent him. However, there were two iterations of Carol, played by two different actresses.

The first one casted was Anita Barone, who appeared in pivotal Friends episodes, such as when Carol visits Ross at the museum and announces that she is pregnant with his baby. Yet, not too many episodes later, Jane Sibbett came along. The actress is the one who played an already-pregnant Carol. Even though casual viewers made it pass, it is still one uncanny recasting.

Next on the list is some Modern Family that has now been airing for ten years. During the course they have won 21 Primetime Emmy Awards and became one of the most important shows on ABC. However, when the series’ pilot episode was shot nearly a decade ago, actress Julien Bowen (who plays Claire Dunphy) was not so sure that she would be cast. And the reason is, she was pregnant.

Despite her being pregnant, Modern Family did still choose to cast Claire as Julien Bowen, and had the actress folding laundry during basically the entire episode just to hide her pregnant belly. If you go back and watch the first episode of Modern Family, keep on the lookout for the sneaky camera movements with Claire.

Meanwhile, in THE BIG BANG THEORY, Jim Parsons was basically cast on the spot. It is to no one’s surprise that Sheldon couldn’t be cast any better, and the show runner is on to the same wavelength.  According to Chuck Lorre, veteran sitcom creator and show runner, he knew that Jim Parsons was his Sheldon right away. When speaking about Jim’s audition for The Big Bang Theory, Chuck Lorre described it as “the most startling audition I’ve ever seen in my life.”

In time, Parson was called to a second audition only to prove to Chuck Lorre that he could actually do all of those things again, and that his audition had not been a one-off.

More for Jim Parsons, as he almost played Barney on How I Met Your Mother. Surely the actor has his good track-records in terms of sitcoms. Before Jim Parsons went on to play Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, the actor actually auditioned for How I Met Your Mother, which premiered two years before. He auditioned the role of Barney Stintson, but for some reason, the production team decided not to cast him.

Can you believe one of the team said “maybe he (Jim Parsons) really isn’t for this show”. Luckily Jim and The Big Bang Theory came in and rocked the audience. Not to mention it is pretty crazy to realize that those two shows share a very particular connection through Jim.

Moreover, the real major coincidence here is that both Neil Patrick Harris and Jim Parsons are perhaps the two most famous openly gay actors who are casted in major sitcoms on broadcast TV.

Lastly, The Office, and that we say a must to be included is Jenna Fisher wanting John Krasinski to be her Jim. There is no denying that Pam (Jenna Fisher) and Jim (John Krasinski) were responsible for some of the most hilarious and heartfelt moments on The Office.

It is hard to imagine that the show would have had all the success that it enjoyed without them. Yet, before even the production team behind the series knew that this was a match made in heaven, Jenna Fisher already did, and was really hoping for John Krasinski to be Jim.

Upon knowing that the stars have aligned for them, she literally cried in joy. Look at what the success both of them contributed to the show.

Protecting your child from mobile phone risks, experts explained necessary steps

It was already announced by the Queensland government that school students are set to return to the classroom for the next Wednesday. Thus, many children will do so with a mobile phone on them.

The main reason behind parents providing phones to their children is for safety. However, mobile devices poses a serious risk to your child.

For instance, cyber safety experts pointed out numerous susceptibilities when using these devices and presented tips for parents to safe keep their children. 

First of all, in determining when to give your child their own phones greatly depends on your assessment with your child, according the Sharon Trotter – executive manager of education and prevention and eSafety.

As per the manager, “There are really no hard and fast rules for when the right time is to give your child a mobile phone.”

Thus, Ms. Trotter encouraged parents to think about their child’s maturity level, and extensively assess “Do they have a good sense of responsibility? Are they able to stick to the rules that you will set for them? “Will they come to you if they encounter something they’re not sure about or if they’re distressed?”

Should you completely decide to give your child a phone, choosing what phone is suitable might be a dilemma. Oftentimes, parents think a phone that cannot connect to the internet is best, but for Ms. Munn it is not.

“My personal opinion is that if we are getting a child a phone for safety, the fact is that if they are unsafe, they are actually not going to be able to make a phone call or text so we want that location option on there,” Ms. Munn pointed.

Phones with an SOS call that can send out their location to their contacts will be the best choice. But, it is not applicable for all as there are some cases giving phones that can access the internet will be dangerous as well.

Ms. Munn further suggested setting up a separate account for your child. One biggest mistake cited by the manager in terms of signing in using the parent’s account is, limits the opportunity for parental control. Children could easily access adult content to that extent.

As per Ms. Munn, creating an account for your child was an ideal time to teach them about what information was not appropriate to put online. This tip comes in handy to the next one, which is setting of parental control.

This involves such as those that let you limit screen time or control which apps your child can download. “Make sure you know what your child is doing, whether they’re on a phone or any other kind of screen. They should have all their apps set to the highest privacy settings that they can.” Ms. Trotter said.

She also urged to disable in-app purchasing features and make sure they cannot access credit card details.

Lastly, setting boundaries are of utter necessity. “It’s much easier to set the boundaries in advance than it is to pull them back later,” according to Ms. Munn

It is imperative to write down family contract about devices and social media usage and be straightforward with two things: this is what we expect; this is what the consequences are.

On the other hand, Ms. Trotter explained that managing these boundaries, and all these actions towards keeping your child to safety, ultimately relies to being observant and sensitive to your child’s changes in behavior or mood.

Protecting your child amid these trying times is a hefty responsibility, thus, it should be treated with keen wisdom.

Why have we always laughed about needing to put money into the Swear Jar? Well because they actually exist!! How much money could it raise at your place? There has been numerous tales of people raising well over $1,000 plus when putting them in place over a year period. If these funds are then used to pay for a reward of some nature then it becomes a win, win…. provided the raising of funds was the aim.

What about the Jar for when you forget someone’s name, very commonly happens just after you’ve been introduced to them! The other alternative is when you haven’t spoken about a person in a while or your memory works better when you see the person’s face, her them speak or see their body language, their walk style or even their sense of humor. There are so many reasons why you remember someone, the place where they live, work, socialise, who they hang out with or just numerous memory triggers going at the one time.

Have we lost the ability to just pick up a phone and actually remember peoples mobile number? Do we have to go to the already loaded programmed number under their name? Could we name the streets of where our friends live or do we just drive their on autopilot? It’s becoming a world of remembering less but knowing where to access it being more vital. This probably makes sense as there are volumes more information coming at you from the internet, social media, news, sports, lifestyle interests, music, what’s on and then just remaining connected. Well if you want to chill out and not need to try and remember everything head to My Local Pages and let us make your life easier!

So here’s the big questions, which Jar do you need to put your money into?

Recession over for Australia, except in Victoria

The Reserve Bank of Australia has confirmed today that Australia is officially out of recession which has astonished most people! This news has caught many people by surprise as if your live in Victoria the future is not so bright, just now. Across Australia even though funds are flowing and the Federal Government has achieved what most saw as impossible, they have navigated us through to the best possible position at this time.

The growth in the economy has been increasingly online through e-commerce which has boomed and has had to be achieved whilst many covid restrictions have been in place. Perth in Western Australia, which is the most remote State Capital City on the globe has remained the beneficiary of their geographical location and the ease of stopping incoming potentially covid positive people before they even enter the State. This being said, like most of Australia it has not been so lucky in it’s tourism industry. The local tourism industry has seen reductions of around 94% to 97% which urgently needs our help to stay alive.

My Local Pages is designed to assist our Locals, Community and Businesses that serve our communities across Australia. In taking this one step further our part to assist the economy recover the it’s current position is happening on many levels but today, we would like to announce we will be supporting the tourism industry by offering Australian holiday giveaways to not only encourage Australians but to actually make it happen. We do this as My Local Pages is here to support locals and communities across Australia. We will also be announcing further incentives to assist Australian businesses with huge discounts on small business marketing packages, designed to get their businesses operational, establish sales, retain customers and even provide e-commerce options for online stores made easy. Australia still has a long way to go getting back to where we were and My Local Pages will be doing our part to assist.

Zero, Zero for Victoria

Australian’s have shown their love for their Victorian friends, family or just as fellow Australian’s during this horrendous lockdown after the lapse in Hotel Quarantine was shown to cause the 2nd wave of Covid. On film sets in Queensland, Nikki Osborne reported the crew heard the news of the lockdown ending and applauded, this is the feelings and emotions of those around Australia.

Today we can report the second straight day of the Zero Cases, Zero Deaths results and Victorian’s are thrilled. They will not be forgetting who caused this 2nd wave in Victoria but they are so glad its finally coming to an end. It has been a long, long road over four long hard months.

This has become the preparation day ahead of the re-opening at 11.59pm today and there is volumes of work to do. Some businesses will open their doors at midnight such is the demand for their business. The next 24 hours will mean a time to rejoice and visit, support your local businesses that have struggled to hold on during this tough time. As My Local Pages, is designed to bring Locals, Community and Business together, jump onto website and sign up for your Local Deals to support your Local Businesses.