Why have we always laughed about needing to put money into the Swear Jar? Well because they actually exist!! How much money could it raise at your place? There has been numerous tales of people raising well over $1,000 plus when putting them in place over a year period. If these funds are then used to pay for a reward of some nature then it becomes a win, win…. provided the raising of funds was the aim.

What about the Jar for when you forget someone’s name, very commonly happens just after you’ve been introduced to them! The other alternative is when you haven’t spoken about a person in a while or your memory works better when you see the person’s face, her them speak or see their body language, their walk style or even their sense of humor. There are so many reasons why you remember someone, the place where they live, work, socialise, who they hang out with or just numerous memory triggers going at the one time.

Have we lost the ability to just pick up a phone and actually remember peoples mobile number? Do we have to go to the already loaded programmed number under their name? Could we name the streets of where our friends live or do we just drive their on autopilot? It’s becoming a world of remembering less but knowing where to access it being more vital. This probably makes sense as there are volumes more information coming at you from the internet, social media, news, sports, lifestyle interests, music, what’s on and then just remaining connected. Well if you want to chill out and not need to try and remember everything head to My Local Pages and let us make your life easier!

So here’s the big questions, which Jar do you need to put your money into?

Recession over for Australia, except in Victoria

The Reserve Bank of Australia has confirmed today that Australia is officially out of recession which has astonished most people! This news has caught many people by surprise as if your live in Victoria the future is not so bright, just now. Across Australia even though funds are flowing and the Federal Government has achieved what most saw as impossible, they have navigated us through to the best possible position at this time.

The growth in the economy has been increasingly online through e-commerce which has boomed and has had to be achieved whilst many covid restrictions have been in place. Perth in Western Australia, which is the most remote State Capital City on the globe has remained the beneficiary of their geographical location and the ease of stopping incoming potentially covid positive people before they even enter the State. This being said, like most of Australia it has not been so lucky in it’s tourism industry. The local tourism industry has seen reductions of around 94% to 97% which urgently needs our help to stay alive.

My Local Pages is designed to assist our Locals, Community and Businesses that serve our communities across Australia. In taking this one step further our part to assist the economy recover the it’s current position is happening on many levels but today, we would like to announce we will be supporting the tourism industry by offering Australian holiday giveaways to not only encourage Australians but to actually make it happen. We do this as My Local Pages is here to support locals and communities across Australia. We will also be announcing further incentives to assist Australian businesses with huge discounts on small business marketing packages, designed to get their businesses operational, establish sales, retain customers and even provide e-commerce options for online stores made easy. Australia still has a long way to go getting back to where we were and My Local Pages will be doing our part to assist.

Zero, Zero for Victoria

Australian’s have shown their love for their Victorian friends, family or just as fellow Australian’s during this horrendous lockdown after the lapse in Hotel Quarantine was shown to cause the 2nd wave of Covid. On film sets in Queensland, Nikki Osborne reported the crew heard the news of the lockdown ending and applauded, this is the feelings and emotions of those around Australia.

Today we can report the second straight day of the Zero Cases, Zero Deaths results and Victorian’s are thrilled. They will not be forgetting who caused this 2nd wave in Victoria but they are so glad its finally coming to an end. It has been a long, long road over four long hard months.

This has become the preparation day ahead of the re-opening at 11.59pm today and there is volumes of work to do. Some businesses will open their doors at midnight such is the demand for their business. The next 24 hours will mean a time to rejoice and visit, support your local businesses that have struggled to hold on during this tough time. As My Local Pages, is designed to bring Locals, Community and Business together, jump onto website and sign up for your Local Deals to support your Local Businesses.