Why have we always laughed about needing to put money into the Swear Jar? Well because they actually exist!! How much money could it raise at your place? There has been numerous tales of people raising well over $1,000 plus when putting them in place over a year period. If these funds are then used to pay for a reward of some nature then it becomes a win, win…. provided the raising of funds was the aim.

What about the Jar for when you forget someone’s name, very commonly happens just after you’ve been introduced to them! The other alternative is when you haven’t spoken about a person in a while or your memory works better when you see the person’s face, her them speak or see their body language, their walk style or even their sense of humor. There are so many reasons why you remember someone, the place where they live, work, socialise, who they hang out with or just numerous memory triggers going at the one time.

Have we lost the ability to just pick up a phone and actually remember peoples mobile number? Do we have to go to the already loaded programmed number under their name? Could we name the streets of where our friends live or do we just drive their on autopilot? It’s becoming a world of remembering less but knowing where to access it being more vital. This probably makes sense as there are volumes more information coming at you from the internet, social media, news, sports, lifestyle interests, music, what’s on and then just remaining connected. Well if you want to chill out and not need to try and remember everything head to My Local Pages and let us make your life easier!

So here’s the big questions, which Jar do you need to put your money into?

Locks come off Victoria

It was the 9th of June this year when the last zero cases day occurred. Finally zero positive cases, zero deaths and only 6 in hospital, Victoria is getting well on top of COVID. Even though we have been under 5 community transfers for some 5 weeks now, Daniel Andrews has finally flagged today as the right day to announce the re-opening of Retail, Cafe’s, Restaurants, Pubs and the remainder of the Hospitality industry for 11.59pm Tuesday night. Meaning come Wednesday Victoria and especially Melbourne will be taking it’s first real steps towards opening across the volume of businesses.

In the initial period which runs up to the 8th of November, it is really baby steps, with 10 to 20 being allowed given the type of shop, eatery and the square metre’s available. Once we move past the 8th of November, Gym’s, Pools, and numerous other health, fitness related businesses, will be able to re-open too. On Religious gatherings will see initially 10 inside or 20 outside plus the facilitator, Weddings and Funerals may have slightly higher numbers at 20 and then past the 8th of November up to 50 pending the location.

This has been achieved due to the Northern Suburbs outbreak from late last week, being countered through large scale testing over close to 2,000 plus people all returning a negative results. This outbreak and scare surrounding it appears to have stemmed from DHHS clearing the family to return to school when they had not tested the family for confirmation of being negative. This unfortunately meant a child attended school. The family wishes Victorian’s to know it was provided written confirmation that their son could attend school. This was not something they took upon themselves, they sought advice and then followed the instructions.

The re-opening of Victoria will no doubt take some huge efforts in preparation which is allowed prior to these dates. All venues must be Covid compliant and ready with their Covid Plan to operate. As Victorian’s we all want the best outcome, so assisting these businesses that have been forced shut for such a long of time would be the best advice we can offer. Support Local Business as this is exactly what My Local Pages does, supporting Locals, Communities and the Businesses that serve us. Let’s show our support and spend