Emergency services race to Glasgow Airport as Loganair flight declares mid-air emergency

A Loganair flight from Stornoway to Glasgow has declared a mid-air emergency sparking a major response.

Fire crews and paramedics raced to the runway at Glasgow Airport after the alarm was raised shortly after 9pm on Monday, June 14.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service confirmed they were in attendance

Pictures from the scene show police also in attendance alongside several fire engines and specialist ambulance vehicles.

The plane is understood to have landed safely a short time later however it is not currently known what caused the pilot to declare a Squawk 7700 emergency.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service confirmed they were in attendance but that airport crews dealt with the incident.

Glasgow Airport confirmed there was an incident on board the flight.

They said all 22 passengers and three staff all disembarked fine and there were no injuries.

They were unable to provide more details on the incident.

An airport spokesperson said: “The inbound aircraft from Stornoway to Glasgow was met by emergency services which is standard procedure.

“All 22 passengers and three crew on board were able to disembark from the aircraft.”

The Scottish Ambulance Service has also been contacted for comment.

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It’s go for GB News! First new British news network in 24 years takes to the airwaves as station boss Andrew Neil tells viewers ‘if it matters to you it matters to us’ and vows to tackle cancel culture saying ‘now is the time to do news differently’

Andrew Neil pledged his new 24-hour news channel will tackle cancel culture and will not be ‘yet another echo chamber for the metropolitan mindset’ as it launched at 8pm tonight. 

GB News, which is aiming to reach those who feel ‘unheard’ by the media, launched at 8pm tonight with a special programme titled Welcome To GB News.

It is the first new British news network in 24 years – since BBC News 24 launched in 1997. Although foreign channels have launched in the UK in that time, such as Al Jazeera English, this is the first new network specifically for UK audiences.

It has brought in big names ahead of its launch, including signing Simon McCoy, Sky News anchor Colin Brazier and new MailOnline columnist Dan Wootton. 

Neil, who will present a show four nights a week, is the face and chairman of GB News, announcing its birth last year while also signalling the end of his relationship with the BBC, where he was one of the most respected political interviewers. 

At 8pm, as the channel launched, he gave a five minute introduction for viewers, saying the network would concentrate on ‘the stories that matter to you and that others are neglecting’.

He added: ‘We are committed to covering the people’s agenda, not the media’s agenda. 

‘GB News will not be yet another echo chamber for the metropolitan mindset that already dominates so much of the media.

‘We are proud to be British, the clue is in the name, and while we will never hold back from covering our country’s many flaws and problems… we won’t forget what the B stands for in our title.  

‘We will puncture the pomposity of our elites… and expose their growing promotion of cancel culture for the threat to free speech and democracy that it is.’  

Seasoned broadcaster Andrew Neil had sidestepped early teething trouble when presenter Neil Oliver’s microphone failed, and later returned to Mr Oliver, joking about the minor hiccup.  

Global media and entertainment company Discovery, Inc is the lead investor. GB News will feature more than 6,500 hours of content a year, made exclusively for the channel, which has secured broadcasting licences from Ofcom.

It has been founded by media executives Andrew Cole and Mark Schneider. They plan for the channel to reach 96% of British television households via Freeview, Sky and Virgin Media.

Other names to feature on air include former Sky Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher, Darren McCaffrey and Rosie Wright, who will host morning show The Great British Breakfast, while also working on other programmes.    

It will be available to watch in HD on Sky channel 515 and Virgin Media’s channel 626, as well as also showing on Freeview and YouView channel 236, Freesat channel 216 and online.   

The news channel, launched as a rival to the news and current affairs offerings on the likes of BBC and Sky, has also signed up businesswoman and former Apprentice winner Michelle Dewberry.

The launch came after the BBC was accused of a last-minute ‘ambush’ of GB News. The national broadcaster was alleged to have been calling for the new station to be barred from accessing footage of public events which is available via a ‘pooling’ system run by the UK’s three main broadcasters.

The pool is made up of the BBC, Sky News and ITN, which produces the news operations of both ITV and Channel 4.  

But A BBC spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘We are very happy for GB News to be part of the pool and we are happy to discuss how that could happen.’ 

Broadcaster and author Neil Oliver, known for programmes including Coast and A History Of Ancient Britain, will host Neil Oliver Live, while Andrew Doyle will host Free Speech Nation.

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Netherlands 2-2 Ukraine LIVE! Euros match stream, latest score and goal updates today

etherlands vs Ukraine – LIVE!

The Netherlands open their Euro 2020 campaign against Group C rivals Ukraine on home soil at the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam tonight.

One of the traditional heavyweights of international football are appearing at their first major tournament for seven years after failing to qualify for both Euro 2016 and the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The Oranje – European champions in 1988 – are eager for redemption after a dark period in their football history, but the pressure is on head coach Frank de Boer to continue the impressive recovery work done by predecessor Ronald Koeman.

Ukraine went unbeaten in qualifying, conceding just four goals and topping a group that also included Portugal, but have struggled somewhat since then with a poor Nations League campaign followed by three successive draws to start 2022 World Cup qualifying.

Much of the build-up to their third successive European Championship appearance has been dominated by controversy regarding the design of their kit, which was met by outrage in Russia.

Follow Netherlands vs Ukraine at Euro 2020 LIVE with Standard Sport’s dedicated blog below!

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A new version of Essex man is born in the north

VIZ, AN IDIOSYNCRATIC combination of adult comic and satirical magazine, has been compulsory reading in all civilised households since Chris Donald started producing it, in 1979, from his bedroom at his parents’ house in Newcastle. It features characters who go to the heart of modern Britain: Millie Tant, a ranting feminist; Sid the Sexist, who gives Millie plenty to rant about; Roger Mellie, a disgusting television personality; and dozens more whose names cannot be mentioned in a respectable newspaper. This columnist would like to suggest a new subject for Viz to lampoon: Geordie Tory. It seems odd, to say the least, for the north-east’s premier publication to remain silent about a political revolution that is turning a former Labour stronghold Tory blue.

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The London-based commentariat has convinced itself that Geordie Tory is a left-behind loser who voted for a Brexit and Boris spit-roast to express his rage at globalisation. This is only a small part of the story. For the hidden truth about Geordie Tory is that he is actually doing rather well for himself. He did not go to university (thus avoiding a pile of student debt), but quickly found a job at a local firm, and his money goes much further in the north than it would in the south. He lives in a four-bedroomed semi-detached, has a couple of cars in the drive and can rely on two sets of grandparents to chip in with child care. He zips to work or Asda in a few minutes, thinks the local school is doing an acceptable job and looks forward to his next holiday in Florida, providing the government can stop faffing about. He pities his school friends who went to university, moved down south and now either live in a crowded flat or (before the covid-19 pandemic) spent a couple of hours a day on a packed train.

Geordie Tory’s world has been transformed by a combination of de-massification and bourgeoisification. The Labour Party’s power was based on industries (such as coal, steel and shipbuilding) and companies (such as Swan Hunters and Vickers-Armstrong) that employed thousands of unionised workers. The new economy is built on a combination of skills and flexibility. There is a handful of (mostly de-unionised) big companies (Flymo-Electrolux in Spennymoor, Cummins Engines in Darlington and Nissan in Sunderland), but they co-exist with hundreds of smaller firms that manufacture car parts, switch gears, air-conditioners and specialist equipment for the oil-and-gas economy. Twenty years ago towns such as Amble in Northumberland did not have much upmarket entertainment. Now they are so chock-a-block with restaurants, microbars and fancy cafés that the locals complain that you can’t find anywhere to park.

Geordie Tory has long been attracted by the Tory party’s pro-business, low-tax philosophy, but continued to vote Labour out of habit. Two things gave him permission to switch: Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn. Whether he voted for Brexit or not he was unhappy with attempts to overturn “the people’s will”. And the north-east is to Britain what the south is to America. It has provided the country with soldiers, sailors and airmen in numbers far exceeding its share of the population, and its landscape is littered with stone memorials to the fallen (South Shields lost a higher proportion of its citizens in the second world war than any other town). Geordie Tory was damned if he was going to vote for a man who mistook valour for warmongering and made excuses for the IRA.

He is nevertheless far from being a defender of the government, let alone a Tory activist. He thinks about politics as little as possible, except when it impinges on his life. But something profound has changed in the past few years. The “sod you” factor that has always been such an important aspect of regional politics has found a new target. During Labour’s glory days from 1945 to the early 21st century the “sod you” factor favoured the left. The Tories were the party of the southern elite with its soft hands and namby-pamby ways. Today it favours the right. Geordie Tory doesn’t so much like Boris Johnson as loathe the Guardian-reading, Britain-bashing, virtue-signalling metropolitan establishment that holds Mr Johnson in contempt.

Feeling blue

How reliable a Tory will Geordie prove? Though he thinks Sir Keir Starmer is an improvement on his predecessor, the Labour Party is no longer relevant to his life. The local party caters to two exotic (and largely incompatible) groups of voters. It continues to draw support from the truly disadvantaged in old mining towns such as Ashington. But its biggest success is in Newcastle, particularly posh suburbs such as Tynemouth and Whitley Bay, to the east of the city, and Gosforth and Jesmond (birthplace of Viz), to the north, where the public-sector aristocracy (doctors married to lawyers, civil servants married to teachers) enjoys a life-style as plush as any in the country.

Geordie Tory certainly wants something in return for his vote. It is one of his articles of faith that the north-east is being short-changed by a southern England that simultaneously grabs an unfair share of national resources and produces nothing of value. (Geordies, regardless of their politics, are convinced that people who wear more than T-shirts and shorts in the depths of winter, as southerners tend to, are too “soft” to be productive.) But the truth is that Mr Johnson does not have to deliver all that much to be regarded as a success. The conversion of the A1 north of Morpeth into a dual carriageway, the restoration of the South-East Northumberland railway, a few high-profile projects that put cement mixers and excavators in the right places, and that should be enough. One of the greatest tricks in politics is to put yourself at the front of a victory parade and to declare yourself its leader. By a bizarre combination of circumstances, involving both Brexit and the long-term transformation of the Geordie economy, this is exactly what the quintessential southern Tory, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, seems to have done in the north-east.

This article appeared in the Britain section of the print edition under the headline “Geordie Tory”

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Pictures of the Weekend: England fans and a flying priest 

Pictures of the Weekend: England fans and a flying priest 

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‘Should I tell my wife I confronted her lover to end their affair?’

Dear Coleen,

I’m a man aged 60 and my wife is 45. A couple of weeks ago, I discovered she’d been having an affair with a guy she knows through work and that it had been going on for some time.

I’ve always been slightly insecure about our relationship, given that she’s 15 years younger than I am and very attractive, but I was still shocked when I found out.

I actually challenged this man without telling my wife and he promised me he’d end the affair, which he did, and that he wouldn’t tell her I’d intervened. I got the impression things hadn’t been great between them anyway.

But I still can’t bring myself to talk to my wife about it. She’s been distant and moody over the past few days – obviously because this guy has been in touch to tell her it’s over.

Do you have a view on this story? Email webnews@mirror.co.uk or let us know in the comments below.

Coleen Nolan
Coleen is the Mirror’s agony aunt

Can I just leave it and hope that’ll be the end of it or should I confront her and tell her what I did? Despite what she’s done, I love her and don’t want our marriage to end.

We also have two children aged eight and 10 and I want to keep things stable at home for their sake. I would appreciate your advice.

Coleen says

You’re fixing things behind the scenes, but I think you really have to talk to your wife. If you don’t and it comes out, things could blow up, plus you’ll probably always be worried that it’s going to happen again, you’ll become paranoid and it will affect your relationship.

You shouldn’t be this afraid of her leaving you. What about you – don’t you deserve respect and happiness? Don’t you offer a lot as a husband and a father?

I think you do deserve those things and you need to remind yourself of what she’s got to lose.

This affair clearly went on for some time, so you need to talk about why and what’s not working in your relationship so you have a chance of fixing it, if that’s what you both want.

Ignoring what’s happened is not the basis for a healthy and successful relationship in the future, so don’t stick your head in the sand – tackle it head on and deal with what comes after, whichever way it goes.

Good luck.

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Hanging up on scammers: how to protect yourself from phishing phone calls

Most Australians receive an alarming robocall at some point, but experts warn fraudsters are becoming far more sophisticated

Australians lost a whopping $851 million to scams in 2020, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s latest Targeting Scams report. It’s a record-breaking amount, as fraudsters capitalised on the pandemic and preyed on isolated and vulnerable people.

Phones appear to remain the most common way scammers were contacting people, according to Scamwatch data, with 48% of reported scams taking place over a call and 15% via text message.

There’s very little you can do as a consumer to stop scam phone calls in the first place. Some third-party software promises to identify and block suspicious calls but experts warn that, ironically, some of that software is itself a scam.

So how can you spot a phone scam? And what can you do to protect yourself?

At some point, you’ve probably answered the phone to an automated voice warning that you owe the Australian Tax Office a vague sum of money.

But scams have come a long way since your typical robocall.

Deilia Rickard, deputy chair of the ACCC, says scammers capitalised on the fact that the average Australian expected more direct correspondence from government agencies last year, leading to a “huge increase in phishing and identity theft and government impersonation scams … involving government agencies like the health department or the ATO”.

Another common phone scam the ACCC busted last year was called Wangiri – a Japanese term meaning “one ring and drop” – which targeted Australians with loved ones living overseas. A call from a foreign number would ring once to the victim’s mobile, making them think that they had missed a call from their relative or friend. If they rang back, they would be put on hold and charged a premium fee for every minute.

Fiona Cameron, who chairs the scam technology action taskforce at the Australian Communications and Media Authority, warns that some of the phone scams reported in 2020 were unusually sophisticated.

In one case, she says, scammers contacted a small businessman who had just registered his business, warning he needed to pay off a tax debt or see it carry through to his new enterprise. To verify the debt, they said they would patch through his accountant’s firm. “The firm” answered but said his accountant was on lunch and patched him through to someone else on the team, who confirmed the debt was real and recommended he pay it immediately.

But it doesn’t matter how elaborate the scams were. Rickard stresses that the circumstances surrounding the pandemic meant consumers were more susceptible to scams in the first place.

“For periods, people were under lockdown and stressed. People were online who weren’t used to being online. People were lonely and experiencing financial difficulty. These were all circumstances that scammers like,” Rickard says.

Scammers also took advantage of older Australians who had been forced to spend more time online by the pandemic. Scammers would call promising to fix a tech problem, gain access to the victim’s computer, and drain their bank accounts.

The first red flag, according to Rickard, is if the call is unsolicited.

“When someone has contacted you out of the blue, don’t give them any personal information, bank details, or superannuation info. Do not give them money and do not give them remote access to their computer,” Rickard says.

If you want to return a call or text from someone who claims to be your phone provider or a government department, independently search on Google the provider or agency’s official contact details and get in touch that way.

Cameron says another warning sign is the tone of the phone call or message.

“Scammers typically want to suggest that something is urgent. You either owe money, or you need to fix something, or you need to do something really pronto,” Cameron says.

“If this person is in a hurry, aggressive or threatening in any way, the best advice is to pause and hang up the phone.”

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Christian Eriksen collapsed: Player ‘stable’ in hospital as footballing world send supportive messages

Politicians, celebrities and the public are sharing messages of support after Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen has received CPR on the pitch after collapsing during his country’s Euro 2020 game against Finland in Copenhagen.

Inter Milan player Eriksen dropped to the ground at the Parken Stadium shortly before half-time, leaving players from both teams in clear distress.

English referee Anthony Taylor called medics on to the pitch and Eriksen underwent prolonged treatment.

UEFA have since confirmed that the midfielder has been “transferred to the hospital and has been stabilised” after the incident.

Eriksen’s former club, Tottenham, tweeted: “All of our thoughts are with Christian Eriksen and his family.”

Eriksen left Tottenham for Inter Milan in 2020 after seven years with the club.

Marcus Rashford posted an image of the Danish flag on his Twitter account.

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden tweeted: “Awful scenes at Denmark v Finland Euros game. Thoughts with Christian Eriksen and his family.”

Fabrice Muamba, the former Bolton midfielder who collapsed after suffering a cardiac arrest during a televised FA Cup game in 2012, has responded to the news of Eriksen’s collapse.

“Please God,” tweeted Muamba.



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Caitlyn Jenner accuses Jimmy Kimmel of being transphobic for calling her ‘Trump in a wig’ and slams lack of outrage from the LGBTQ community 

Caitlyn Jenner has accused Jimmy Kimmel of transphobia after the comedian called her ‘Donald Trump in a wig’ during Thursday’s broadcast of his ABC late-night show. 

Jenner – who is currently running to become the next Republican governor of California – took to Twitter on Friday slamming the funnyman and noting the relative silence from the LGBTQ community in the wake of the remark. 

‘Last night @jimmykimmel called me Donald Trump with a wig. He obviously believes that trans women are simply men with wigs on. Where is the outrage from the left or LGBT community?’ Jenner wrote. 

‘Being WOKE must be optional if you are a Democrat,’ she added. 

On Thursday night, Kimmel mocked Jenner’s political aspirations during the opening monologue of his show. 

‘She’s just trying to get attention,’ he quipped. ‘Caitlyn Jenner has a better chance of being the next Batman than she does governor of California. She knows little to nothing about anything, really.’ 

Some Twitter users lashed out at Kimmel, calling him a ‘bigot’ and ‘transphobic’. 

One wrote: ‘I cannot stand her [Jenner] and I understand the root of that comparison, but it’s transphobic to compare her to a man in a wig. Pretty gross joke’. 

However, Kimmel’s controversial joke didn’t garner much backlash – prompting Jenner to accuse the left of double standards and claiming Kimmel has been protected. 

In a subsequent stream of tweets shared on Friday, she pointed out several politically incorrect jokes and skits that Kimmel had made during his comedy career. 

‘Speaking of @jimmykimmel he also received a pass from the WOKE on his use of black face and racist actions. Hypocrite,’ he wrote. 

He shared a screenshot showing Kimmel in black face during a Saturday Night Live skit in 2000. 

Jenner also accused Kimmel of harassment, sharing an old clip from his program The Man Show in which he asked women to touch his pants and guess what was inside of them.  

‘Also @jimmykimmel  got a pass from the WOKE while he asked women to fondle him in public. His treatment of women is wrong. Disgusting. Vile,’ Jenner raged. 

Jenner added yet another tweet, saying Kimmel had been protected after making racist jokes.  

‘Sad that @jimmykimmel has contributed to #AAPIHate . Is there any group he won’t attack? Jimmy, it’s time to #StopAsianHate,’ she wrote. 

She subsequently posted a screenshot from an LA Times article about backlash Kimmel had procured in 2013 after his ABC show aired a clip of a child saying ‘kill everyone in China’. 

ABC apologized for that remark at the time. Kimmel has apologized for wearing blackface. 

After Jenner shared her stream of tweets, some chose to side with Kimmel, claiming he was more of an advocate for the LGBTQ community. 

‘You turned your back on the LGBTQ and Trans community long ago. You sat by and watched Trump strip away their rights and DID NOTHING. Kimmel was kind…you are Trump in a BAD wig ~Signed and unapologetic ally,’ one wrote. 

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Queen delights world leaders with joke at glittering G7 reception

he Queen put world leaders at ease on Friday night as she shared a joke during a glittering G7 reception in Cornwall.

She was joined by the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the Eden Project.

Shortly after arriving at the venue, she posed for a photograph with Angela Merkel, Ursula von der Leyen, Emmanuel Macron, Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden and Boris Johnson, among others.

As photographers took pictures she quipped: “Are you supposed to be looking as if you’re enjoying yourself?”

The group descended into laughter as Mr Johnson replied “yes”.

“We have been enjoying ourselves – in spite of appearances,” he added.

Mrs Merkel walked over to the Queen and thanked her for posing for the picture, saying: “Thank you for doing that for us.”

It was the royals’ first joint engagement since the pandemic began.

Their presence at the G7 summit is part of the government’s attempts to maximise the royal family’s powers of soft diplomacy.

Mr Johnson’s new wife Carrie and First Lady Jill Biden also attended the reception.

After the photocall, the Prince of Wales hosted an event with CEOs and G7 leaders urging them to display the same sense of urgency in response to climate change as they showed in tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

Charles said the Covid-19 pandemic had shown what a “truly borderless crisis” looks like.

“Of course, we did not fully see Covid coming,” he said.

“Yet climate change and biodiversity loss represent a borderless crisis, the solutions to which have been argued about and postponed for far too long.”

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