Sunday’s announcement of further restrictions eased in Victoria

Sunday’s announcement of further restrictions eased in Victoria

Victorian’s can actually go dancing again as of 11.59pm Sunday 6th of December! They are now officially allowed to dance at Weddings with a 2sqm rule applying with up to 50 people on the dance floor at any one time permitted.

Our hospitality industry finally will have the ability for their businesses to survive with Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs, and nightclubs also being allowed to increase their patron numbers with the 2 sqm rule applying. This is the day these business owners, staff and patrons have all been waiting for, almost normality. This should see casual employment numbers jump at a time when students and the broader community need the work in Victoria.

Gyms will be allowed to increase numbers in exercise classes up to 50 people which again should see gym’s become viable. The challenge for gym owners is to instill confidence in their customers and encourage them to come back, as Gym’s are predicted to see a sizeable drop off in direct debit members as membership can be seen as a luxury item for some. It becomes vital for all of us to be fit, healthy and to achieve this heading to the gym is ideal. It not only works out your body but is also great for positive mental health too.

Meanwhile at home or out visiting there are further restriction changes. Gatherings at home allowed for up to 30 people, while up to 100 are allowed in an outdoor public location.

The huge mask question has been answered, the mandatory wearing has been lifted everywhere except for public transport, taxis/ride shares and indoor retail settings.

Office workers will also be expected to be able to return to offices in coming months on a per sqm basis. This will be introduced post Christmas, earlier into 2021.