NRL Alert: Storm as CEO resigns!

If there was an ideal time to exit and resign, post winning the NRL Premiership is almost perfect. Dave Donaghy the Storm CEO has held the role since 2015 and as with the high esteem the team, Club and Model of Melbourne Storm is extremely sought after. Donaghy who came from the AFL with the Brisbane Lions is now firmly entrenched in the NRL system, as it’s the Bronco’s that have chased their man and secured him.

“In 2015 we appointed him as a young CEO” said the Storm Chairman, Matt Tripp, whilst the knowledge level gained in the AFL system must be seen as massive advantage, Dave was always seen as his own highly skilled man. In the year 2020 when virtually everything that could be has been thrown at the major sporting codes Dave’s leadership has shone through as growing the Club in this midst is an incredible achievement.

The Storm Club has always withstood change, adapted and come out on top by selecting quality people and the search for a person to fill this position will start again. The Club is said to be looking both internally and externally for that role to be filled. Does this mean a step up for a an existing Club person? Only time will tell, but our tip is yes.