Perth bushfire worsens quickly, Over 70 homes lost

The Perth bushfires are ravaging the Hills since igniting in Wooroloo on Monday. Unfortunately today, with wind gusts of in excess of 70 km per hour, over 70 homes lost, the fire’s perimetre is over 110km and burnt through 11,000 hectares. This is a monster of a fire!

Warnings have gone out to the people in Avon Ridge, Joshua Mews, North West of Gidgeegannup and those east of the Walyunga National Park. The unpredictability and intensity of the fire has been noted by Rick Curtis, DFES, Department of Fire and Emergency Services, who says it is not safe to stay and defend homes.

“Ground crews and aerial suppression efforts are struggling to contain the forward movement of that fire,” he said.

“We would prefer to lose a house than lose a life. That’s what it comes down to.”

He said 21 aircraft were fighting the fire, along with and more than 300 firefighters on the ground. Then DFES Assistant Commissioner Craig Waters added saying that challenging weather conditions forecast for this evening would test fire fighters. “We’re experiencing really flukey winds,” Mr Waters said late on Wednesday afternoon.

Mr Waters said local firefighters were starting to become fatigued after three days on the ground and that work was underway to determine the feasibility of bringing in interstate crews.

The people of Perth are now being effected by smoke haze although winds are now pushing it a touch further away from the City. Anyone with breathing difficulties should stay inside of if needed seek medical assistance.

Three evacuation centres have been set up, at the Brown Park Recreation Complex in Swan View, Swan Active in Midland and Swan Active in Beechboro.

About 230 people slept at the evacuation centres last night, while around 700 people have registered across the three venues.

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