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My Local Pages is the portal site that brings locals, small and medium size business and communities together.

It has comprehensive coverage from What’s on to News, a Business Directory that allows businesses to showcase their business like never before in Australia, Deals and Sales, My Local Marketplace for E-Commerce transactions by the Small Businesses, a full Real Estate portal, Community Pages and even a Jobs Portal coming soon. This is Australia’s first Local Digital Marketing platform allowing business, community groups and organizations to display their services, through highlighted overviews, photos, SMS interactions, e-commerce online sales plus video’s and then have all or part of this material integrated directly into all social media channels. This means a business can transact completely online should they need to in any circumstance.

 Australia’s My Local Pages offers comprehensive News, Local, State and National coverage on all news, from Breaking news, from Local, State, National or Worldwide, to Business, Sport and Lifestyle news.

My Local Pages provides easy Business Searches or an Australian Businesses Directory allowing everyday people to find local business to their given postcode, be it at home, work or a different location. Locally, Regional, State or Nationally My Local Pages provides overviews of services, images demonstrating real life delivery of their services and video’s showcasing how these businesses are best to help you. This verifies their real knowledge, experience and actual services provided like never before, then a full customer review scoring system and reviews for future customers looking for services to assist them in finding the business that is right for their needs.

The What’s On and Lifestyle sections of My Local Pages provides details of events, music, family days, fairs, arts, plays, shows, expo’s or fundraising within the community, be that at Pre-Schools, Primary Schools, Secondary College’s or Community groups we will have them all provided in the given postcode. When we add all the lifestyle information, food, fashion, days, courses, hobbies and interests then this is more comprehensive than any one service ever offered before at a local postcode level in Australia.

As My Local Pages, has all the small and medium size businesses detailed in all its postcode searches which means you will find just the businesses that will service your area and not broad-spectrum advertisers. Our research shows that locals do not know all the local businesses available to them, meaning they have highly skilled businesses local to them who are the best choice.     

If small or medium size businesses need professional assistance, advice from accounting to computers, from functions either online or at a venue, the printing of marketing material, signwriting or an additional website page developed for the business to be marketing the promotion it can all be found at My Local Pages.

When locals need to find all related computers or Information technology assistance, via retailers, or service providers, they can check on My Local Pages to find the right person, business or retailer to solve their problem.

It doesn’t matter if a person is needing, Finance or insurance, wanting to find a café, restaurant, specialty food store, if it’s sport, health and beauty, home and garden needs, building or renovating, medical requirements, professional services from legal to real estate agents it’s all on My Local Pages.  

Australia finally has the one site that focuses on the local postcode and includes all local organizations, clubs, charities and all small and medium size businesses that service the community in My Local Pages.

If you also want to see all the world news you can on My Local Pages with news coverage not just from Australia but also featuring news from the USA, Canada, the UK, Japan, China, India, Indonesian, the Pacific region, Russian and South American news to name our main coverage. We recognize that many people in Australia come from different countries around the world and would like to see their homelands news too but also see themselves as locals here in Australia. So we recognize this and provide a coverage from overseas plus Australia’s most comprehensive locals postcode news.