Limited time up to 15% Debenture Investment Opportunity

Australian Digital Marketing Pty Ltd are proud to be announcing the launch of My Local Pages as Australia’s first Local Area Web Portal.  

This means My Local Pages will act as a local area portal/search engine for each designated Postcode Region across Australia. Bringing the focus back for Locals, Community, Small and Medium Business instead of the disjointed. The designated local postcode sites across Australia, can be accessed directly,  such as  or come via our National Home Page  then choose a specific search or go local via the Suburb or Postcode.    

“December 23rd 2020 – Previous 30 Days  – My Local Pages had 153,229 people engage with us. This was just via our News & Lifestyle across our channels – The numbers we engage with will increase massively once our roll out commences in 2021”    

Australia’s business community has seen a 82% jump in sales and research prior to purchases online during 2020. Unfortunately Australia’s only portals are all aimed for the corporate marketplace or a singular service. Now with Australian Digital Marketing launching My Local Pages our country has its first portal designed for Small and Medium Businesses, Locals and Communities. One central destination for everything one needs in a local area.

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