Celebrity skincare secrets to do yourself

Facial scrubs? Check. Serums? Check. Terry-towelling headband? Check.

With beauty clinics temporarily closed and IRL socialising on an indefinite hold, beauty routines are going back to the bathroom.

Skincare and makeup sales are up 7000 per cent year on year, according to department giant Myer, as shoppers are spending more time on at-home self-care during lockdown.

Skin brand Kiehl’s, along with Jo Malone, and Givenchy’s cosmetics line have seen growth of over 4000 per cent on the Australian retailer’s e-store, in purchasing behaviour being likened to the so-called “lipstick index”.

Like so many of us, Hailey Bieber confessed that she had been “diving so deep into skincare and all the different ways I can boost my skin during quarantine”.

As Mrs Bieber posted on Instagram, she is “trying to keep that glow” (aren’t we all).

Since no one can have see their facialist for an oxygen blast treatment during quarantine, can you actually do it yourself – with similar results?

Mecca’s retail skincare manager Lucy Shaw reveals her guide to an at-home facial.


“Use a deep cleansing oil or balm to remove any dirt. Pollution tends to build up more so inside the house due to overuse of cleaning products, having the windows and doors closed, so cleansing is super important,” Shaw instructs.

“Anything that will make you feel like you’re in a space, I recommend the Elemis Cleansing Balm or Go-To Fancy Face Cleansing Oil.

She adds: “Each of these products are designed to be applied onto dry skin with dry hands, melt in and warm up as you massage into the skin”.

“At this point, take a moment to inhale the aromas of your cleanser and work a little harder on areas like the forehead and jawline that may be holding a little stress and tension,” she said.

“Then, take a washcloth under warm water and do a quick hot compress over your face before you remove everything.”


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“This is the best way to see an instant change in your skin, as exfoliating will not only make your skin feel smooth, but also look brighter and more luminous,” Shaw says.

“It also means that the next steps of your routine will absorb and work more effectively. I recommend using a chemical exfoliant, like Kate Sommerville Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment or Go-To Exfoliating Swipeys as they are not only going to help buff away dead skin cells but also as a bonus hydrate and brighten at the same time.”


“I recommend leaving your mask on for as long as possible. If your skin is a little more congested, a clay mask is ideal as it will draw out impurities and do a detox.

“While at home, use a ‘leave on’ mask like Drunk Elephant F-Balm which is great for dehydrated skin or Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask which is an all-rounder – brightens, firms, hydrates.

“If you have multiple masking options, you can use the old spa trick which is where you patchwork multiple masks to different areas.

“Focus on clays in the T-zone or on enlarged pores and the cream masks on the cheeks and any dryer areas.”


“Finish off your DIY facial with a drenching of your favourite mist.

“You can emulsify your balm cleanser using a mist rather than tap water; you can spritz it on after your peel to help neutralise the acids, and finally, you can mist your skin every 4 to 5 minutes while your mask is working.

“My favourites include the Dr Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Mist which helps to minimise the appearance of blackheads or Mario Badescu Facial Spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater is a crowd favourite for its hydrating and calming properties.”


“Now that your skin is cleansed, peeled and detoxified, it’s time to seal everything in with a facial oil.

“By finishing off with an oil, it means that your skin’s moisture levels will be balanced, and the skin’s moisture barrier is nice and intact, and all of the hydration and hard work won’t be lost.

“As you’ve already applied a couple of layers of product, I would recommend just a couple of drops of a lightweight, skin compatible oil such as Drunk Elephant Marula Oil, Go-To Face Hero or Sunday Riley Juno Oil.

“All these options are rich in omegas, fatty acids and antioxidants to protect the skin and finish off your DIY facial.”

For more, see mecca.com.au

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