Pre workout formulas that contain caffeine can make you feel jittery, induce anxiety and unnecessarily raise your heart rate before you’ve even began any exercise.

But do caffeine free pre-workouts even work? Yes, and you’re in luck because THE Pump has landed and here’s how it’s going to fire up your routine.

Let’s take a closer look at this latest caffeine-free pre workout from MYPROTEIN.

What is THE Pump?

THE Pump is the ultimate caffeine free pre-workout to drive you closer to your fitness goals. It’s been formulated with specially selected active ingredients to help you push through your limits and break barriers — without the need for added caffeine.

Delivering a huge range of benefits, such as reducing fatigue and aiding blood flow and oxygen transport, THE Pump is a supplement that will make a real impact to your training progress.

It’s aptly named after that sought after ‘muscle pump’ that well-seasoned gym goers and fitness fanatics will be familiar with — which is basically when you feel your muscles swell during a workout from the increased blood flow going to them.

Coming in two different formats — a refreshing powder blend or super-convenient capsules — you can choose the option that’s best suited to you.

THE Pump powder blend

If a refreshing pre workout drink is more your style, then THE Pump blend is the one for you. Coming in two tantalising flavours, Orange Mango and Rainbow Candy, it’s a tasty way to stay hydrated as you get that caffeine free pre-workout buzz.

You can find it HERE.

Ingredient breakdown per serving:

6000mg L-citrulline — this non-essential amino acid is a popular pre workout ingredient as studies have shown it helps to increase vasodilation and blood flow, which in turn improves muscle function.

3200mg beta alanine — another non-essential amino acid, beta alanine produces carnosine which is stored in your skeletal muscles and reduces the buildup of lactic acids in your muscles during exercise. Studies have shown that supplementing with beta alanine can therefore increase high-intensity exercise capacity and performance.

1500mg taurine — this amino acid has been shown to protect cells from exercise-induced oxidative stress, making it a valuable support for your training progress.

1500mg vitamin B12 — an essential vitamin that supports the metabolism, nervous system, immune system, and helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Powerful stuff.

300mg VAS06™ — this is a patented ingredient that’s been clinically proven to increase blood flow,which in turn helps to increase oxygen transport in the body, improving the supply to your muscles. Studies have shown it to be a super-effective pre workout ingredient, especially when compared to others. For example, the perhaps more well-known ingredient, arginine, only results in 5% vasodilation per 7g serving, whereas just 300mg of VAS06™ can result in up to 50% vasodilation.

75mg vitamin C — an essential vitamin that helps to reduce fatigue, as well as supporting the immune system during and after intense physical exercise.

50mg AstraGin® — sourced from natural plant extracts, AstraGin® has been shown to significantly increase the absorption of nutrients such as amino acids and vitamins, helping your body to make the most of this powerful workout blend.

THE Pump capsules

Premium pre-workout packed into convenient capsules.

Don’t be fooled by their size, these capsules sure do pack a punch — and it couldn’t be easier for you to work them into your routine, all you have to do is take two 30 minutes before you train.

You can find them HERE.

Ingredient breakdown per serving:

300mg VAS06™ — as previously mentioned, this patented ingredient is a super-powerful vasodilator, important for muscle performance, with clinical trials showing it to be 10 times more effective than arginine.

250mg beetroot extract — you may be surprised to see this in a pre workout supplement, however beetroot has gained popularity in sports nutrition due to its naturally high levels of nitrates. These nitrates can increase blood flow to the muscles, which helps to enhance their efficiency during exercise.

80mg vitamin C — not only does this essential vitamin help to reduce tiredness and fatigue, but it supports the immune system during and after intense physical exercise, helping you feel on top form, session after session.

6mg iron — this essential mineral plays a key role in oxygen transport within the body, while also helping to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

5.5mg thiamine — thiamine is a B vitamin that helps to support normal heart function and also plays a part in energy-yielding metabolism.

Who is THE Pump for?

This hard-hitting caffeine free pre-workout is an ideal fit for any training routine, regardless of your level or ability. Whether you’re into early morning spin classes, or late night lifting, THE Pump will help you push for a killer performance, without affecting your sleep pattern afterwards.

Final Thoughts

THE Pump is an ideal way to maximise your performance without having to worry about feeling the jitters for hours after you train. It’s the perfect pre workout option for late night sessions, if you’re trying out caffeine cycling, or simply want to cut down on the amount of caffeine you rely on to fuel your day.

This article first appeared on on 19th June, 2020.

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