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This is a TREK Flapjack review, a unique recipe flapjack made by Natural Balance Foods – a British company that specialises in natural and healthy snacks.

For those who don’t know, a flapjack is a traditional British snack that is made from oats, with the original recipe dating back centuries. Today there are many so brands offering a variety of high protein flapjacks, however the TREK Flapjack brings something new and unique to the mix.

The team at Natural Balance Foods have taken the traditional British flapjack recipe and revolutionised it. The TREK Flapjack is made with gluten-free oats, making it suitable for people with certain dietary requirements.

Similar to the TREK Energy Bar, this 50g bar contains 9-10 grams of quality soy protein, depending on the flavour. With a 2:1 carbohydrate-to-protein ratio, TREK Flapjacks are especially good for exercise recovery and replenishing your body’s energy stores.

These flapjacks are a true blessing for people with busy schedules, as they are filling enough and convenient as a breakfast on the go and will keep you fuller for longer. The TREK Flapjacks are also vegan, a good source of fibre and most importantly, they taste really good!

They are currently available in 5 different flavours. These are Cocoa Oat, Cocoa Coconut, Morning Berry, Original Oat and a recent addition of Salted Caramel.


The Cocoa flavours are really delicious and work really well to satisfy your chocolate cravings, without all the sugar. They consist of a thin layer of chocolate coating with a base of gluten-free oats, resulting in a tasty combination of flavour and texture. The Morning Berry flavour has a soft crunch to it with some tasty subtle sweetness to it. They are especially great in the morning and deliver that “fix” to start your day right.


The thin layer of chocolate coating is great. Cocoa Coconut flavour has little bits of coconut, which adds to its rich texture and flavor. If you’re a fan of coconut, you should love the taste of this one! For fruit lovers, definitely try the Morning Berry flavour. The mix of raspberries and oats is not too sweet and does not leave an artificial taste in your mouth. With that one, you can expect the flavorful and juicy taste of a traditional British flapjack, infused with the goodness of fruit.


TREK Flapjacks are a great snack that can serve as a “bridge” between meals. They also work great as a post-workout recovery aid, due to their 2:1 carbohydrate-to-protein ratio. This allows your body to maintain optimal blood sugar and replenish your muscle energy stores. With 10 grams of protein, these flapjacks can help you to maintain and build new muscle as well.

TREK Protein Flapjacks can be a good source of fiber in your diet. They are plant-based, wheat and gluten-free, GM free and suitable for vegans. Let’s take a look at the ingredients and nutrition below based on the Cocoa Oat flavour:


Gluten-Free Oats (25%), Rice Syrup, SOYA Protein Crunchies (SOYA Protein, Tapioca Starch, Salt) (15%), Vegetable Oils (Palm*, Sunflower, Rapeseed), Dark Chocolate Flavour Coating (Sugar, Palm Oil*, Cocoa Powder, Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin) (13%), SOYA Flour, Raw Cane Sugar, Salt and Natural Flavourings. *sustainably sourced

Dietary Information

Vegan-friendly, contains natural ingredients, gluten-free, a source of fibre and with slow-release energy and plant-based protein.

Typical Values Per 50g Bar
Energy 952 kJ
Energy 227 kCal
Fat 11.0g
(of which saturates) 5.2g
Carbohydrate 21.9g
(of which sugars) 14.0g
Fibre 1.9g
Protein 9.2g
Salt 0.5g
Manganese* (mg) / % NRV 0.6mg

TREK Protein Flapjack Review

If you’re looking to add a new tasty and nutritious snack to your diet, definitely give the TREK Protein Flapjack a try. It’s nowhere near as artificially processed as some of the other products available today. They are great for people with busy schedules and would benefit athletes in endurance activities, such as running, cycling, swimming and hiking.

TREK Flapjacks are also cheap compared to some of the other similar brands out there. At just £0.95 per bar, you can’t really go wrong!

This article first appeared on on 8th April, 2020.

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