Today I Love Fish At The Shore

That’s a good 14 inches of fish, maybe more

Today I love fish at the shore cruising by, looking for nutrients on the recently flooded edges of our bay. I love that we have seen more fish at our shoreline in the past two weekends than we had seen in the past two years. I love seeing fish and other wildlife, all the damned birds awake and screeching at five in the morning makes me smile even as they keep me from drifting back off to sleep sometimes. I love when we see deer, and hear coyotes at home in town. I love that the rabbits infiltrate our back and front yards and would eat our garden up if it wasn’t for the fences. I love that they just look me in the eye as if to say, “Try it.” when I threaten to make stew out of them. I love that we are contemplating dock installation this weekend, though the bay is still cold and thanks to my meds I’ve lost my imperviousness to that chill, the coldness of that water actually hurts this year. I love that my always churning mind is working on a plan to ride the dock out to where I want it and to drive the posts into the marl bottom from up on the dock itself. I love that I have managed to get myself over a dozen posts for this year and that means they don’t have to be driven in as far, though some of them obviously will be driven in pretty good because I get working on something and I just keep going.

Today I love that my repaired phone came home yesterday and I am having some fun trying to remember what all I had installed on the darned thing. I love that my new safety glasses arrived yesterday and yes I’ll be wearing them to put the dock in, safety first. I love that today is going to be a hot and sticky day and so working on and near the water will be a good thing.

Today I love breakfasts of eggs and toast on the deck looking out over the water on a Saturday morning, ’cause what else could be even half so refreshing on a Saturday morning when it’s breakfast time at the cottage? I love that I’ve sat myself down in a muskoka chair and I’m contemplating not getting back up, but of course, that dock won’t install itself … or will it? I love that I’m now contemplating a self installing dock, stay tuned, though it might take a few years.

Today I love drinking coffee down by the water while watching the fishes go by.

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