Victoria records no new cases

For the third time this week, Victoria has recorded no new cases, after a case reported earlier in the day was rejected.

In what has become known as a “doughnut day”, the chief health officer took to Twitter to announce the good news of another zero day to Victorians, who are enjoying their first weekend of freedom after months of tough lockdowns.

“Today’s case has been reviewed and rejected,” Dr Brett Sutton wrote.

“So that’s a doughnut day. Or ball day for us public health folk.”

Earlier in the day, the Victorian DHSS said Melbourne’s rolling 14 day average stood at 2.4, with health authorities saying there are now only two active mystery cases with an unknown origin in the community.

Regional Victoria’s rolling average sits at 0.

Saturday’s numbers represent a fall from Friday when four new coronavirus cases were diagnosed in the local government areas of Wyndham, Brimbank, Hume and Greater Dandenong.

Two of the diagnoses were under review due to initial low positive tests results and subsequent negative results.

The two mystery cases were in the postcodes 3081 and 3152, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

The state’s total case numbers were sitting at 20,347 as of Friday afternoon, and will be updated later today.

It comes as Melburnians enjoy their first weekend back on the town since the relaxation of the city’s strict lockdown laws.

Local pubs, bars, restaurants and businesses have welcomed customers back following Wednesday’s windback, with Kmart stores copping a wave of shoppers as the clock struck midnight on October 28.

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