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Thursday was the coldest April day in Canberra on record, reaching a top of only 9.7 degrees at Canberra airport. It was the first time in more than 50 years when the maximum temperature didn’t reach 10 degrees in April, the Bureau of Meteorology said. To make things chillier, meteorologist at the bureau Helen Kirkup said that due to the strong westerly wind, Thursday would have felt more like minus 4 degrees. And Friday has been even colder, topping out at 9.4 degrees at 2.06pm. Again, the apparent temperature has spent most of the the day below zero. “The last time we had a maximum temperature [in April] under 10 degrees was 1952,” Ms Kirkup said. There were showers throughout the day and into the night Thursday, and the cold weather brought an unusual amount of snow over the alpine region and Brindabellas. “It’s not entirely unusual to see snow in late April or the beginning of May,” Ms Kirkup said. “But we did see quite a bit, and we don’t get a lot of snow this early very often.” The Bureau of Meteorolgy has published a report stating that the Canberra experienced colder and wetter conditions throughout April 2020. The total rainfall for Canberra airport last month was 71.6mm, 162 per cent of the long term average of 44.2mm during April. Ms Kirkup said Canberrans could expect strong winds to continue into Saturday. “On Saturday it will only get up to 10 degrees, it will remain windy so we do have very strong westerly winds coming through,” she said. There are active weather warnings in regions nearby Canberra such as Goulburn. ‘We have had a few weather warnings in place because we have seen gusts very strong at speeds of 90km/h.” READ MORE: Rain just a preview of Canberra’s early taste of winter Canberrans can expect milder weather conditions from Sunday and Monday, with slightly warmer days, colder nights and frosty mornings. “We will start to see the cloud clear up on Saturday.” “On Sunday and Monday it’s going to probably become fairly sunny has a high pressure system will establish itself over the region,” Ms Kirkup said. “This is going to mean we’ll get those crisp, clear day times, where it will reach 15 degrees in the day time but overnight we’ll lose that heat and start fairly cold night time temperatures.” “Monday morning we might see some frost about.”

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