Climate change ‘zealots’ push ‘fanciful’ Australian renewables project

NSW Nationals MP Michael Johnsen says the idea pushed by “climate change zealots” to export solar and wind energy overseas through thousands of kilometres of direct current cables is “fanciful”.

A report by Channel Ten’s The Project claimed 59,000 new jobs could be created if Australia committed to a 53 per cent emissions reduction target by 2030 with the export of renewable energy being at the forefront.

Mr Johnsen said he “couldn’t imagine” how much useable land would be needed to generate enough electricity for such a project to be viable.

He told Sky News host Chris Kenny what is needed to spearhead Australia’s economic recovery post-coronavirus is a drive in investment to ensure there are “cheaper forms of energy”.

“Coal has got to be front and centre of this, as does gas,” he said,

“If the earth was so negatively affected by the use of fossil fuels … then why is it recovering so quickly in only a matter of weeks”.

Image: AP

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