The Coalition is considering pledging to cap compulsory superannuation at 10 for each cent at the upcoming federal election, in accordance to Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell.

There is bipartisan assist for compulsory superannuation to rise from 9.5 for every cent to 12 for each cent by 2025.

On the other hand, Mr Clennell reported there are rumblings within the authorities that increasing compulsory super contributions will hurt jobs.

“I’ve formerly described that the PM is not of a head to block the legislated rise to 10 per cent next 12 months,” Mr Clennell explained.

“Backbenchers are arguing companies could use the funds from the raise as a substitute to use, but the PM’s persons are contemplating how could you get a transform via the Senate in any case.

“One solution place to me is the federal government may elect to waive by the 10 for every cent and then go to the up coming election with a program to stop it there.”

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