Coronavirus Australia live news: Federal Government could pay $40 million for return travellers’ quarantine

A deal between the Federal and Norther Territory governments to bring Australians home from overseas could cost the Commonwealth $40 million.

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By Michael Doyle

Victoria has recorded two case of COVID-19, zero deaths


By Michael Doyle

Premier urged to help businesses in easing of restrictions


Melbourne Lord Mayor Sally Capp has urged the Victorian Premier to include business in today’s easing of restrictions.
As the state’s coronavirus numbers continue to decline, the Premier Dan Andrews is expected to announce significant changes.
He has warned it may not be as much as was initially hoped under the state’s roadmap, but has hinted at relaxing the rules surrounding socialising and movement.
The Lord Mayor Sally Capp says many businesses are desperate to re-open and can do so safely.
It’s just not sustainable to think that so many of those businesses that make up essential services, but also the character of our neighbourhoods and certainly our city are asked to remain close,” she said.
“We think there are safe and steady ways to open sooner.”

By Michael Doyle

The five hallmarks of successful contact tracing during the coronavirus pandemic


Contact tracing is the process of finding, assessing and managing the people who have been exposed to a disease, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).
We do it to prevent more people from getting sick with the same disease.
This is what’s made it such an important public health tool for controlling COVID-19.
It may be a crucial process and one that public health teams have been using for a long time – but it’s also quite a hard one to get right.
Our superstar Yasmin Jeffery has dived into the difficulties on contact tracing.
You can read her story here.

By Michael Doyle

Health warnings across Sydney


The Oran Park cluster has now reached 18 cases.


There were 5 new cases of coronavirus in NSW yesterday, all in the Oran Park area — four were connected to the Greater Beginnings Child Care Centre and one student at the Oran Park High School, which is being deep cleaned this weekend.


Anyone who attended the Gregory Hills Hotel near Oran Park on the evening of October 9 and the United Cinema in Narellan town centre on October 10 is considered a close contact and should get tested if symptoms develop.


There has also been a health warning for Shellharbour South Beach and Little Park on Sunday, October 11 and Woolworths in Oran Park on October 12.

By Michael Doyle

A big win for Geelong needs a Cats gif


Good morning Doyle. I hope your dosing up on some good coffee for todays big announcements.. Fingers crossed for a 0 today. Can you give us a Cat Gif for us geelong fans!

-gif for the cats




By Michael Doyle

Daniel Andrews set to announce eased restrictions today

COVID restrictions around socialising and movement in Victoria are expected to be relaxed when Premier Daniel Andrews today announces the next steps out of lockdown.
Melburnians have been in lockdown for more than 100 days now after a crippling second wave of coronavirus began in winter. 
Many businesses remain closed and residents are still restricted to a five kilometre travel limit, two hours of daily outdoor exercise and limited social interaction. 
While those living in regional Victoria have more freedom of movement, they are still subjected to COVID restrictions. 
Premier Daniel Andrews has hinted rules around socialising will relax from tomorrow.
Victoria recorded just one new case yesterday but health authorities remain concerned about 17 infections with an unknown source.

By Michael Doyle

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When Daniel Andrews makes a time to speak to us, we will tell you


Sit tight blog friends. Just enjoy the ride. 

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Federal Government could pay $40 million for hotel quarantine

The Federal Government could end up paying $8,000 per person in quarantine costs under a plan to bring stranded Australians home via Darwin.
The deal between the Commonwealth and NT Government could see up to 5,000 Australians return home via Darwin from the UK, South Africa and India by the end of March. 
They’ll undergo quarantine at the Howard Springs facility on Darwin’s outskirts, and the Commonwealth will pay all costs to the NT Government monthly. 
The Department of Health says it expects the cost per person to be $8,000 per quarantine period meaning the Australian Government could end up paying the NT $40 million. 
The Federal Government says vulnerable Australians will be prioritised for seating on the initial flights. 

By Michael Doyle

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Read yesterday’s blog here


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Hello everyone


Good morning Australia.


Welcome to Sunday morning and welcome back to the live blog. 


It is going to be a big day.


Daniel Andrews is expected to announce eased restrictions across Victoria.


Grab yourself a coffee and a little cake, this is going to be a busy day.



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