Sky News host Rowan Dean says around the world “we are observing the fury of the mob tearing down and cancelling just about anything that can be construed as staying racist, all in the identify of the self-avowed neo-Marxist haters of capitalism and conservatism acknowledged by the disingenuous title of Black Life Matter”.

“So insidious has the movement come to be that even those people who, really correctly and logically, add that All Life Make a difference, are hounded, harassed and even lose their positions,” Mr Dean mentioned.

“Nicely, a single black everyday living that truly did make any difference to the wonderful success of the civil rights movement in The us was of program Muhammad Ali, regarded by a lot of as the best athlete of all time, who could dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

“This morning we discover that Muhammed Ali’s son, Muhammed Ali Jnr, a self-avowed Trump supporter, has occur out and claimed his father considered all life subject and he would have hated the Black Lives Issue protests and would have branded them as ‘racist’ mainly because they are pitting black people today against everyone else.

“Muhammed Ali was a legend, a terrific sporting and political leader of his time. But the place are todays courageous leaders in this nation who are prepared to stand up to this insanity?

“To shield younger Australians of all colours and creeds from this political correctness insanity?

“The silence is deafening.”

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