Japan supports Australia amid China’s ‘economic coercion’

'We are not alone': Japan supports Australia amid China's 'economic coercion'

Liberal Senator James Paterson says it is very pleasing to see Japan get behind and support Australia in calling out the “economic coercion” conducted by China.

“I was very pleased to see the Japanese joining with us to condemn economic coercion,” he told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

Mr Paterson said an article in one of the Nine papers pointed out the world’s first and third largest economies, US and Japan respectively, have both now “called out” what has been happening against Australia by the “second largest economy in the world, China.”

“That’s a very pleasing thing for Australia. It shows that we’re not alone and we’re particularly not alone in our region.

“There’s a lot of countries who are increasingly seeing the world the same way we are and increasingly have shared interests and values with us.”

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