It’s time we named out Karen, Jim et al for what they are: dangerously irresponsible people, flouting the regulation in a way that basically threatens our well being and basic safety.


To start with, there’s Jim Penman, better recognized as the “Jim” in Jim’s Team. Jim is a self-proclaimed pro in lots of regions. His franchises deal with almost 50 company industries such as Jim’s Mowing, Jim’s Cleansing, Jim’s Fencing, “Jim’s Deep Sea Diving” and “Jim’s Lunar Landings”.

Jim, like so quite a few “experts”, happily appeared on each individual achievable media outlet to announce that, as Victoria battles the pandemic, he intends to disregard phase four lockdown restrictions and will pay back any fines his staff may perhaps cop.

Jim instructed Sky News he was not defying the legislation for the reason that:

“We just want leadership and it’s not useful when we get absolutely contradictory combined messages … The dilemma is we are not disobeying the legislation, the dilemma is the regulation is unclear.”

And listed here the rest of us were being imagining that the this means driving the condition-imposed directive of “obey phase 4 lockdowns or deal with fines of at least $1600” was abundantly crystal clear. (Remember to refer to “Jim’s Statutory Interpretations” for much more clarity in this article.)

As obvious, in actuality, as the commitment at the rear of just a couple of of Jim’s decision previously remarks about the law and Black folks, in typical:

Black sexual behaviour is freer, on typical, than that of whites. Unemployment is better and occupational results reduced, reflecting, together with racial oppression, a deficiency of superior-restraint function ethic and business expertise. Fees of crime are better, due to the fact of the lessened regard for regulation and authority in decrease-restraint teams.

And about Indigenous Australians, in specific:

“Unsuited in normal to the self-discipline of academic review and of a lot of jobs, they have turn out to be a very poor-underclass.”

That’s just a tiny bit of Jim’s racism.

Do not be like Jim.


Then there is “Karen”, whose real identify is Kerry Nash, allowing unfastened at Bunnings employees who asked her – with, it demands to be explained, infinite tolerance and saintly self-handle – to put on a mask.

Karen likes to permit all in listening to distance – plus anybody as far and extensive as the radius of the world-wide-web permits – know that she is not only irritating and entire of her have self-value but also, according to her, an specialist in the Magna Carta.

All really amusing, possibly, except you take into account that this idiocy of refusing to observe a legislation, released to guard our basic safety, has spawned a copycat motion of self-proclaimed “rebels”, wandering all over the neighbourhood, refusing to dress in masks, heed the law and decide on as an alternative to spread their COVID germs to all and sundry.

Don’t be like Karen.

CRAIG Provides Clinical Information

Craig Kelly, that entertaining skilled in weather transform denial, has crawled out from less than his tinfoil hat at the time again. This time, to share his amazing (virtually) information of drugs.

According to Craig, Victorian Leading Daniel Andrews should deal with the unusually precise term of 25 several years gaol for “workplace manslaughter” for not marketing Trump’s coronavirus “cure” of hydroxychloroquine ingestion. It is perplexing that Craig selected only a single condition premier at random considering that the other condition premiers and even the PM have also steered crystal clear of this widely discredited – most substantially by the TGA – “treatment” (poison).

Not like Andrews’ management, Kelly’s promotion of a drug for which there is no health care proof to propose it can cure COVID-19, but which could truly get rid of individuals if utilized incorrectly, can really be termed legal reckless endangerment.

IA usually takes this stance in spite of not remaining a franchisee or staff of “Jim’s Common Practitioners”.

Do not be like Craig.


In Victoria, Liberal Member for Kew Tim Smith has manufactured a identify for himself ranting endlessly about Dan Andrews.

According to Tim, the Victorian Leading is a  “schmuck”, a “loser”, a “dictator” and a “loony”.

In Tim’s ill-viewed as impression, Andrews was to begin with a dictator for imposing the strictest steps of all the states by keeping lockdown actions, this kind of as not permitting pubs and other businesses to open up, for a longer time than the other states.

Now, Tim laments, Andrews is not dictating adequate, blaming the Premier for Victoria’s coronavirus predicament simply because he need to have used stricter actions sooner.

Make sure you will not be like Tim.


For his section, the PM has stopped short of advertising Craig Kelly’s a lot more fatuous claims or Tim Smith’s additional strange assaults on Andrews. But he has not publicly condemned them as any liable leader really should, picking in its place the “no comment” defence.

This is unsurprising, provided that it was Morrison who mounted the rubberstamping of Kelly’s preselection from the improved judgement of the NSW Liberal Bash branch. The present PM, of class, received Kelly’s timeless love in return.

And Smith has further provided the perfect avenue for Morrison to retain a safe length from damaging commentary on Dan Andrews — making it possible for many others, these as Smith, to be the deal with of the despise campaign.

The steps of Jim, Karen, Craig, Tim and Scotty, presented large profile airtime by the usual mainstream media enablers, are putting us all at possibility. They are not executing so for altruistic reasons but for their very own ideological, monetary and/or political profit.

Welcome to Australia serviced by “Jim’s Ideology”.

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