The Guardian faces push to shutdown from growing online petition

“The inherently destructive nature of identity politics” has been humorously outlined in a petition to end The Guardian which was founded using money linked to slavery, Institute of Public Affairs’ Daniel Wild says.

“It’s difficult not to enjoy the irony of this moment,” he told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

A petition to tear down the left-leaning Guardian was initiated after it was discovered the newspaper’s founder, John Edward Taylor, made his money from a cotton plantation which used slave labour.

Mr Wild said “by their own analysis, by their own frameworks and by their own standards, justice demands that The Guardian be sold off and that all of the staff their donate all of their proceeds to reparations”.

“Through their faulty identity politics they are perpetuating structural disadvantage and imposing inter-generational trauma and the only way is for The Guardian to be completely shut down”.

“You can’t debate with people that want to look back and rewrite history and use it against people today,” Mr Wild said.

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