Victoria considers scaling back hotel quarantine, NSW Premier says border with Victoria could open within month; Australian death toll climbs to 905

The former Aer Lingus boss said reliable and affordable testing would be more accurate and alleviate the need to police quarantine, which in the UK is required at people’s homes but is barely enforced.

“We need to get the economy moving again, and this just isn’t possible when you are asking people to quarantine for 14 days,” he said.

“It is our view that even if that quarantine period is reduced to, say, seven days, people won’t travel here and the UK will get left behind.”

But he said there had been little interest among governments in establishing cost-effective testing or health passports.

British Airways has slashed flights to the United States to fewer than half the 30 destinations it once serviced. Flights between London and New York have been cut from 12 to two times per day, with fewer than 200 passengers making that transatlantic crossing daily.

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