Chicago Bulls potential? Perhaps not, but Coco’s basketball video still goes viral

Video of an Angus bull playing basketball in Western Australia’s Midwest has gone viral, registering millions of views across the world.

Since Mitchell Royce posted it to social media, the footage of he and Coco playing has been seen in Europe and even picked up by a US television news channel.

Mr Royce said Coco was a 15-month-old hand-raised bull who lived on his parents’ property at Howatharra, north of Geraldton.

“He was sick as a calf and we raised him up to get him healthy … he kind of just hangs around the house, hangs around the property,” he said.

“That day he was feeling a bit playful, so we were having a bit of a roughhouse, so I decided to get the basketball out and shoot some hoops just to see what he would do.

“He got pretty into it, pretty keen.”

Coco became a bit frustrated towards the end of the game.(Supplied: Mitchell Royce)

Mr Royce said Coco often liked to roughhouse and would give him a nudge to let him know it was time to play.

But he said the bull become frustrated by the end and would not be able to play ball much longer.

“He pushed me around a bit; I probably teased him with the ball a bit too much and he got a bit fed up at the end.

Mr Royce said he was unsure of what the future held for Coco.

“He’s a bit of a celebrity now, he’s earnt a bit of fame, he’s got that golden ticket so he might have to stick around.”

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Coco the bull likes to play(Supplied: Mitchell Royce)

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