How to get a dirt cheap pub meal

IF YOU are like me, and you have been craving a pub meal since the pubs were shut, Cherry Street Sports Club might be able to help.

The club will reopen its kitchen next week, and hopes to fund affordable meals by running a bi-weekly meat raffle online.

The kitchen will be open for takeaway meals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

“We’re trying to keep our elderly members safe, especially the ones who are in a bit of fear of heading out at the moment,” general manager Tere Sheehan said.

“Any profits we obtain through the raffles on Monday or Friday night, we will be loading back into the price of food.

“For instance if we make $300 off a raffle, the following 40 meals will be sold at $7.50.”

The meat raffles will also help to keep local butchers afloat.

“It’s not only us that’s suffering, the whole town is suffering with unemployment and a downturn in trade,” Mr Sheehan said.

“The local butcher shop supplies all the pubs and clubs in our town, his trade has been reduced by 80 per cent.

“This is our little way of trying to sustain his business.”

Raffle winners will take home vouchers for the butchery rather than meat trays.

Mr Sheehan said the club was taking advantage of JobKeeper payments, and keeping on their staff that way, and takeaway meals would help them pay for other overheads like utilities.

“JobKeeper allowance has been fantastic for us, it has allowed us to keep our staff on board,” he said.

See the club’s Facebook page for more details on raffles and meals.

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