MISSING: Endurance horse lost in Coffs bush

A family is desperately trying to find their horse, Akaysha, who went missing early Wednesday.

The chestnut mare escaped her paddock in Karangi and was sighted multiple times along Mount Brown Road with no luck of being recaptured, before heading into the bush.

The family who bred her, the Fosters, said she entered the bush at the top of Jacaranda Drive and Mount Browne Road.

After a desperate two days of searching, the Foster family are calling on property owners backing onto the state forest in the Boambee Valley and Friday Creek area to check their fence lines for any sight of Akaysha.

“There are a lot of peoples boundaries that back onto state forest, she could be waiting there trying to get in,” Akaysha’s owner and breeder Sharon Foster said.

“We’re trying to get a message to people in those areas to please go to their back boundaries and check them to see if there has been a horse there.

Akaysha is a 14.1hh chestnut mare with a white blaze, two white socks on the back and one on the front, bred. She is an experienced endurance horse used to heading out on trails.

She is microchipped, has a brand in the shape of an upside-down horseshoe with a nail in the centre and left the paddock with no rug, halter or anything on.

“We think she’s either heading towards the Gleniffer direction or doubled back and heading in the area she left.

“She’s normally very friendly, you call her name and she comes. She loves people and will come up to them.

If you have sighted Akaysha or have further information, call Sharon on 0429 692 299, Chris on 0439 403 337 or Isabel on 0429 669 947.

Akaysha (left) has been missing in the Coffs Coast bush for two days.

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