New owner has big plans for boutique bottle shop

HER accountant was not so sure about taking over a business during a global pandemic but for Rebecca Read, the chance to own Curious Craft Ales bottle shop was too good to pass up.

Former owner Jeremy Cox has decided to pursue other ventures and is selling the bottle shop which specialises in niche craft ales.

New owner Rebecca Read has been a longtime fan of the speciality store and decided to indulge her love of craft beer by owning this store.

“It was a case of serendipity really, I was a customer of Jeremy’s for a long time … and it was one of those things, I’d taken some time away from full-time work and my partner came home and said ‘I just spoke to Jeremy he’s thinking of selling the business’,” Ms Read said.

“It was just one of those feelings were you feel something clicking in the universe … it’s one of those things, I’ve got a passion for brewing, I am a keen home brewer, I’ve always loved the craft beverage industry.”

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Mrs Read is not letting the store rest on its laurels with plans for tastings and a facelift on the cards for the arcade store.

“It’s a beautiful old building so we want to make it work with that because the arcade and the cinema above it are a big part of my childhood,” Ms Read said.

“We’re going to be bringing back tastings … we’re going to put some tables back in and we can seat up to 10 people at a time and we’ll be offering a 100ml tastings … sot that’s going to be one of the first things we bring back.”

Ms Read said that it’s important to remember how much hard work Mr Cox put into the store to make this opportunity a possibility.

“There’s a lot that Jeremy’s done that you don’t see on the shelves and in the fridges, his drive to keep going despite people saying it wouldn’t work … as a customer it was great to see someone have faith in his vision,” she said.

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