Online enrolment for kids starting high school

ST MARY’S Catholic College is adapting to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions by taking their enrolment process online.

Principal of the Casino college, Tracy Robinson, said St Mary’s was planning an information evening for potential and new students closer to the end of Term 2 when COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings have been eased.

“We have started the enrolment process now and asking new parents to contact the college through our website or by phone,” Mrs Robinson said.

As Term 2 starts teachers and students continue to work together online.

“As a smaller secondary school, we are really able to offer individual attention that can often be missed in a larger school setting, and we know this is a benefit that is happening now in online teaching” Mrs Robinson said.

“Once the restrictions are removed we are looking forward to bringing the students back into the classroom. And at St Mary’s, this could be in a science laboratory, a paddock, an auto shop, or in a one to one learning space,” Mrs Robinson said.

St Mary’s offers counselling services, programs for students with additional learning needs, including literacy and numeracy workshops and programs for gifted and talented students.

The college offers a ‘compressed curriculum’ for the HSC. This is where senior students study half of their HSC course in one calendar year through to HSC examinations, and then study the remainder of their course in the following year.

“This ‘compressed curriculum’ allows double the traditional amount of class time and enables students to better immerse themselves in their coursework by focusing on fewer subjects. We are seeing great improvements within individual student results.

“In 2018 and 2019 the impact of this initiative was celebrated in our college community, with some of the best HSC results we’ve seen in many years and the college performing exceptionally well against the other local colleges in the Diocese,” Mrs Robinson said.

St Mary’s EARTH facility provides students with an agricultural farm and automotive workshop that gives students an authentic study and work environment.

“We offer as many opportunities for our students as possible including both trade and academic pathways,” Mrs Robinson said.

Potential students looking to become part of the St Mary’s community are invited to contact the college on 6662 2255 or see the website.

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