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How are you doing? Need a bit of respite from the COVID-19 news agenda? We know how you’re feeling, honestly. We’ve trawled our websites across Australia to bring you a curated list of the most uplifting stories in the ACM network. Enjoy a five-minute break, have a smile, take a breath and then share with your friends so they can enjoy, too. Tiger King rolls into town Flynn Clifford-Smith and Terry the Chihuahua are at it again. The pair made news earlier this month when the 20-year-old dementia care nurse wore his mum’s wedding gown to take out the rubbish. Since then Mr Clifford-Smith, with the help of his mum Emma have been featuring a different outfit every week. The photo above is a bit of a giveaway … but check it out the same Were we just “rickrolled” by the church? Just when you start to feel a little iso-over it, a message is sent from above reassuring you everything is going to be okay. Well …. via loudspeaker at least, from atop the hill overlooking Horton Street in Port Macquarie. And not quite divine intervention, but praise be, it was pretty close. On Thursday on the traditional church bell chime of 12 noon, those of us venturing out briefly to find a coffee to get us through the remainder of the afternoon were stopped in our tracks. The beat was resonating at an extraordinary decibel level and the lyrics had significantly more meaning than ever – actually, probably ever. “I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling … Gotta make you understand … Never gonna give you up … Never gonna let you down…” There were no church bells today. Rick Astley, the auburn-haired English singer-songwriter known best for his “blue-eyed” soul tunes in the 80s, was in the holy house – St Agnes’ Catholic Church. So, had we just been “rickrolled” by the church (you may need to Google this if you’re curious)? You’ll find the full story – complete with church explanation – on the Port News. You can’t work on an empty stomach Orange’s spirit of generosity is shining through amid the coronavirus with hospital staff receiving free meals from two sources. Staff in the hospital’s COVID-19 response team have begun receiving free family meals at the end of each shift from Orange catering companies paid for by Newcrest’s Cadia Valley Operations. And a ‘mystery samaritan’ has paid the Byng Street Local Store group to provide family meals for staff in the hospital’s maternity unit. While helping frontline staff in a crisis it is also providing work and money for caterers and food suppliers. Read more from the Central Western Daily Kids spread kindness among aged care facilities Compassion in the community is flourishing across the nation in many ways – and Mercy Place Mandurah is no different. Dozens of aged care residents received cards from Perth youngsters to pass on their love and to also let them know how appreciated they are. The idea for the handwritten letters came from 10-year-old Summer McGregor, who has spent days making the home-made cards and writing letters to the elderly residents. She also enlisted many of her friends to take part in the initiative, too. “Obviously it’s a very important time to make sure we keep all our residents safe and because of that the school children who visit our home every week are no longer able to do so, so receiving these beautiful handwritten notes was a real highlight in our residents’ day,” Mercy Place Mandurah service manager Christina Venables said. “The residents are just delighted to receive the cards which were addressed to them personally and they received such a lovely surprise when they opened them. ‘We miss you’: Teachers keen for full classrooms after COVID-19 Calrossy teachers have missed having real kids in their classrooms during the COVID-19 shutdown. On the last day of term, a week ago, teachers from the school created a YouTube video for their pupils, titled ‘We Miss Our Students’, to show it. English teacher Sarah Warby said it’s a strange feeling, being on campus without their students. “We wanted to make something that the kids can watch, and be a bit lighthearted,” she said. “Not having the noise and the energy bubble of the kids is different … it’s so silent and a bit eerie.” You can watch the video here. If you’re looking to stay up to date on COVID-19, sign up for our twice-daily digest here


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