Lost husky named Oi the heart and soul of Threeways Roadhouse

A huge reward has been offered for a famous dog that sleeps in a fridge and demands ice from the bar, after helicopter searches failed to find him.

Oi, a husky, went missing from Threeways Roadhouse on the Stuart Highway, 472 kilometres north of Alice Springs, on April 9.

Registered owner Anne Steinbach has $3,500 for whoever has the dog or information about the missing husky.

The cute microchipped dog is famous for its antics, such as barking for ice at the bar and chilling out at the bottom of the bar fridge at the roadhouse at the intersection of Barkley and Stuart Highways.

“We have stubby coolers and bar mats with his face on them,” Ms Steinbach said.

“People take photos of him at the bar barking for ice cubes.

Threeways Roadhouse merchandise featuring Oi.(Supplied)

Land and air search

Ms Steinbach, a Berliner, returned from a delivery to discover Oi gone.

The surrounding Phillip Creek cattle station sent a helicopter looking for him after foot searches failed.

“For me it’s like someone stole my child,” she said.

“He’s my partner.

“Every truckie asks me where the dog is. Travellers know him.

A husky resting on a pool table indoors in a roadhouse lounge
Oi is the only shark in the desert.(Supplied)

Where could he be?

COVID-19 biosecurity restrictions have made the search even harder.

Ms Steinbach has her suspicions and has filed a report with nearby Tennant Creek police, 24km south, including security footage of what appears to be Oi in the back of a sedan, possibly a grey early-model Holden Commodore.

An NT Police spokesperson said: “Police have made enquiries regarding a vehicle of interest and patrolled several locations”.

grainy security camera footage of the back seat of a sedan. A circle has been drawn around the back quarter window
Security footage allegedly showing Oi in the back of a sedan.(Supplied)

Why is he called Oi?

“We couldn’t agree on a name. In the meantime we had to call him something,” she said.

Travellers on social media were devastated to hear of Oi’s disappearance.

“My family and I came through Threeways in October and we remember him! He is the sweetest boy and got many pats. We hope you find him soon.” — Rhiannon

“I remember Oi from 2018 … wish I was in OZ just now because I’d help look.” — Dan

“He actually slept on my niece’s swag with her. We loved the name.” — Kate

Roadhouses have remained open during the COVID-19 crisis.

Anyone with information can call police 131 444.

Anne Steinbach with blonde hair over face looking at husky Oi orange neckerchief looking back at her
Threeways Roadhouse staff member Anne Steinback with Oi.(Supplied)

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