COVID: ScoMo not here to tell Gunner what to do

The Chief Minister cancelled question time because the Federal Government wouldn’t be there to tell him what to do, says Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro (pictured).


His government’s decision for Friday’s sitting of Parliament shows excessive hubris and arrogance.


The fact that the Gunner Government thinks that question time should be on the scrapheap is disgraceful. It is a deliberate decision to avoid answering tough questions.


The Gunner Government is happy to try and slam through legislation with minimal scrutiny, but when it comes to openness, accountability and transparency, it will do everything in its power to cover-up and squash debate. It’s just not on.


There will be no Budget before the election, no pre-election budget update, there is no certainty around future Parliamentary sittings after Friday and now no question time.


The Government can’t try and hide behind logistical necessities as a reason for cancelling question time. If Parliament is good enough to go ahead, question time is good enough to go ahead.


The Gunner Government should be welcoming more scrutiny at this time of crisis, not less. It should actually support a question time with no questions from Government members like it does on regular sitting Wednesdays.


The Gunner Government just wants to shut out any criticism or alternative views and the Chief Minister should hang his head in shame for the dictatorial way he’s making decisions.


Hiding behind COVID-19 as a shield to avoid scrutiny is insincere.






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