April 22, 2020 13:55:28

Queensland MP Robbie Katter and his wife Daisy have welcomed a baby girl to the world and named her after her great-grandmother.

Peaches Grace Katter was born on Monday.

Mr Katter said naming her after Daisy’s family matriarch, Peaches Antoine, came about because they both loved the name.

“Well, Peaches is 92 years old now and still very much the matriarch and has all her faculties,” he laughed.

“And she’s just someone we admire, so she’s the namesake.

“I just like the name, it’s unconventional, and they say when you look at the baby you might want to change the name, but we saw her and saw Peaches — so Peaches it is.”

He said Queen Peach, as she was called in the family, was “absolutely stoked” to have a namesake.

“She lives all the way down in Melbourne so we don’t get to go down there very much, but we’re hoping to get down there later this year to introduce them for the first time.”

Mr Katter said the middle name, Grace, was less of a story, saying it was conventional, a Christian name, and was Daisy’s confirmation name.

From politics to fatherhood

The Mount Isa-based MP said falling into parenthood was a humbling and overwhelming experience.

“I think the birth process and the weeks afterwards are designed to make males feel absolutely useless and humble them,” he laughed.

“Daisy has been the champion there, I do what I can, but it’s pretty amazing what the human body can go through.

“It’s just such a delight having little Peaches around, I guess you forget about the extra workload.”






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