Photos reveal inside of Adelaide home where Ann Smith allegedly suffered extreme neglect

New photographs show the inside of Adelaide woman Ann Smith’s home, where police allege she suffered extreme neglect in the lead-up to her shocking death.

The two photos, released by SA Police on Monday, show a living area with cane chairs and a couch, and a towel laid on the floor.

A Christmas tree with decorative beads can also been seen in one of the pictures.

Ms Smith, who had cerebral palsy, died of profound septic shock and multiple organ failure in April.

Police believe the 54-year-old, who was also suffering from malnutrition, may have spent up to a year sitting in a cane chair prior to her death.

They launched a manslaughter investigation last month, and have since released several pieces of information about Ms Smith’s belongings.

Three cane chairs can be seen in photos of the inside of Ann Smith’s Kensington Park home.(Supplied: SA Police)

Police have received 28 calls since they appealed on Friday for information about the use of Ms Smith’s car.

Major Crime Detective Superintendent Des Bray said Ms Smith’s car had been used multiple times between 2015 and her death.

The car, a silver 1998 Honda Accord sedan with registration WDR 166, was registered in Ms Smith’s name.

Superintendent Bray said the car had been used legitimately by carers to take Ms Smith to and from her house.

Disability care recipient Ann Marie Smith with her two dogs.
Detectives have made a public plea regarding items of jewellery missing from the home.(Supplied: SA Police)

However, he said an unknown person used the car for their own purposes.

“Somebody appears to have been using the car for their own use, and had incurred four traffic expiations,” Superintendent Bray said.

“These fines totalled $2,161.

“We want to know who was driving that car at that time.”

Detectives have also made a public plea to help find $35,000 worth of jewellery and two fridges missing from the home.

Superintendent Bray said six golden hair clips and five bracelets that Ms Smith had custom-made for her were missing.

One of the bracelets included a love-heart-shaped padlock on it, while another was made of five intertwined bangles.

Over the weekend, it was revealed a large cash inheritance and $70,000 in loans disappeared from Ms Smith’s bank account in the lead-up to her death.

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