AFL back from June 11; Myer worker tests positive; Australia passes 7000 cases

As the AFL girds its loins to relaunch, a few footballers might wonder if they somehow were a bit too careless in what they wished for, writes Age sports columnist Greg Baum.

Having spent a couple of months under an obligation to stay home, receiving no visitors, and just as the rest of us are being released by degrees from the same captivity, footballers will be again obliged to stay home for at least a couple more months, receiving few or no visitors. It’s not solitary confinement, but it is house arrest. One footy person characterised the regime as all the old rules plus seven more.

If a player’s living arrangements are thought not to be compatible with that edict, it might be suggested that he move elsewhere for a while. Checks will be made. It’s not just players, of course: there is also the posse of coaches and staff that trail around a footy team. That’s at least 1000 people.

It’s for their own good, of course. It’s for all our goods, of course. It’s being set up in the only possible way, which is also a way bound to fail at some stage.

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