Newborn babies to meet grandparent for the first time as lockdown lifts

Felicity Williams has a five-week-old daughter who was born after strict social distancing orders were enforced. Baby Primrose, who was born four weeks premature, hasn’t been able to meet her grandparents, or her nine-month-old first cousin.


Ms Williams has felt isolated at home since giving birth as she was blocked from introducing her newborn daughter to her parents.

“Oh my god, I’m just dying to show them,” she said.

“We live in an apartment and they’ve seen her from the balcony. But just to see her up close, and not in photos. It’s not the same. You want to hold the baby, smell the baby, see how cute she is. That’s what I’m mainly excited about.

“I don’t recommend having a baby during a global pandemic.”

Doreen mum Larissa Bell has two daughters aged two and four.

The young family has been living with Ms Bell’s parents while their new home is under construction.

Larissa Bell with her daughters Mackenzie, 4, and Eva, 2, and her parents Liz and Rob Williams, near their Doreen home.

Larissa Bell with her daughters Mackenzie, 4, and Eva, 2, and her parents Liz and Rob Williams, near their Doreen home.Credit:Penny Stephens

The children haven’t seen their other grandparents since March.

“My mother-in-law said, ‘Well we’ll be over at 12.01am on Wednesday morning’,” Ms Bell said.

“We’re very keen to see them, and my sister and her family, and my friends who had a baby in late March, we’re seeing them on Thursday.

“We’re probably lucky that we’re living with my parents because we can see them at least, but it’s been tough.”

The change is not an open invitation to host dinner parties every night, Premier Daniel Andrews warned on Monday.

“This is not about having a different group of mates round every night to get on the beers,” Mr Andrews wrote online to Victorians.

Gatherings of 10 people outdoors will also be allowed as long as social distancing is observed – this also applies to outdoor exercise and sport.

The Premier’s beloved game of golf, as well as fishing, boating and hiking are among the outdoor activities allowed again.

People won’t be allowed to stay at their family and friends’ homes overnight or camp in national parks, some of which are being reopened.

Up to 10 guests can attend a wedding, while indoor funerals can host up to 20 people plus those needed to run the service.

For families with more than five people, at least one member will have to stay behind if the family wants to visit another home in order to abide by the five-person limit.

Danny Segman, general manager of the Atlantis Hotel in Spencer Street, said the “stupid” rule will inhibit his family of six visiting relatives.

“My family of six can go to a wedding, but we can’t go to my parent’s for dinner,” he said.

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