Elon Musk and girlfriend Grimes in Twitter spat over baby X Æ A-12’s bizarre name

Proud parents Elon Musk and Grimes have had a salty exchange on social media over their newborn son’s bizarre name.

The pair on Tuesday left many scratching their heads over the unique moniker: “X Æ A-12”.

Grimes took to Twitter to explain the unusual spelling, but not how to pronounce it.



But it seems she made a boo-boo in her explanation, which Musk was more than happy to point out publicly.

The Tesla founder corrected Grimes, saying she got the plane wrong: “SR-71, but yes”, he tweeted in response.

Not about to take things laying down, Grimes was quick to defend herself.

“I am recovering from surgery and barely alive so may my typos b forgiven but, damnit. That was meant to be profound.”

Camera IconElon Musk shared the first pictures of his newborn baby boy with singer Grimes on Twitter on Tuesday. Source: Elon Musk/Twitter

The name was the source of much hilarity on social media yesterday with many likening it to a Wi-Fi router password and pointing out it would be a red flag for bullies.

As for the pronunciation of X Æ A-12?

Musk liked a tweet from one person who suggested it should be pronounced: “X Ash Archangel”, suggesting they may be correct.

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