Feral sheep shorn for first time in years after discovery near WA beach


April 20, 2020 16:39:34

Move over Prickles, two feral sheep with monster fleeces have been captured near a beach on Western Australia’s south coast.

The ewes, estimated to have been roaming free for four to five years, were spotted in bushland near Cheyne Beach by Dennis Nevin while he was on a morning walk.

“It was certainly out of the ordinary to see; I’ve never seen sheep with so much wool,” he said.

“I was so taken aback I had to do a double take.”

Concerned for their welfare, Mr Nevin called his son to help catch the sheep — something that proved easier than they initially thought.

“We went out the next day to devise a bit of a plan to catch them and there they were pretty much in the same spot,” he said.

“We followed them with the car for less than 500 metres and then they just gave up because they’ve got a fair bit of weight on them.”

Mr Nevin said the real challenge was lifting the sheep and fitting them into the back of his ute.

The pair were taken to a local farmer and each had 19 kilograms of wool shorn from them.

Their fleeces fell short of the 41.1 kilograms recorded by Chris in Canberra in 2015.

Mr Nevin said the two sheep were healthy and would now be “lawn mowers” at his small property.






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