20 Weird Facts About Earth To Remind You Why It’s The Best

Clouds Help Regulate Earth’s Temperature

“If you bring all water droplets in clouds to the surface, you would cover Earth with a liquid film no thicker than a human hair,” Schneider of Caltech tells Popular Mechanics. “And yet, this tiny amount of water makes the difference between cool overcast summer days and warm clear days. And it is immensely important for climate. On average, clouds cool Earth by 13 F relative to what global temperatures would be without clouds.”

“How much global warming we get crucially depends on whether we get more or fewer clouds as the climate warms,” Schneider says. “Climate models do not agree on the answer, because simulating clouds and the tiny amount of water in them is hard. At Caltech, we are working on using AI to make climate models and their cloud simulations better, to get more precise answers about how climate will change.”

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