America through the Burmese Eyes

As a boy, I participated in the 50 meters race, whose 400 meters track was lined by the Japanese helmets, in the 1947 First Independence Day of the Union of Burma, at Loikaw, Karenni State where the Karenni guerrillas had successfully mauled the Japanese with the arms dropped by the US Air Force.

Since then, the non-Myanmar ethnic nationalities, unlike the Myanmar who fought on the side of the fascist Japanese, had admired the Americans.

John F. Kennedy inauguration words of “Proud of our ancient heritage and unwilling to witness the human rights violations to which we are committed today at home and abroad, we will pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, opposed any foe to assure the survival and the successof liberty, ” were still echoing in the ears of many Burmese with fond memories.

But as of America today, is no longer a source of inspiration, admiration or imitation with recent events of President Trump exposing that the US system no longer holds the appeal that it once had and now the entire people of the world are afraid that Democracy may eventually die.

As kids we admired the American Wild West films like “Zorro” who wore a mask, went incognito righting the wrongs but lamentably, it seems that President Trump hadn’t seen it, because he not only refuses to wear the mask but antagonized it, resulting in thousands of death of COVID 19 pandemic. Having not appointed the Asia Pacific Secretary, we doubt he knows Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese Nobel Laureate who had been quarantined for nearly two decades, as he now grudgingly refused to quarantine the people resulting in 156,839 deaths and 4,771,846 cases and the Americans have become international pariahs, unable to travel to Europe or the rest of the world even though Trump obtained his solace of America First, in this Coronavirus.

Paradoxically, Burma and America will hold the elections in November and if he is ever playing with the idea of copying from the Burmese Junta, of not honoring the results of the election because as in May 1990 elections, the Burmese Junta shamelessly refused to recognize the results, when Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD took 392 of the 492 seats. The Junta continues to exploit the country and its people as the State Peace and Development Council until 2011. If so, Trump can be compared to China’s Tiananmen Square Incident of April 4th, 1989, a carbon copy of the Burmese 8888 pro-democracy uprising shooting into the crowds and hospitals and killing some 20,000 in six major cities of Burma. At least some American states have tasted this kind of episode when president Trump sent in the National Guard.

With the impending Cold War viz a viz China, it far fetches for him to comprehend that Southeast Asia composed of the island and mainland nations with a combined population of half a billion will play a crucial geostrategic role.

Taiwan is no longer an unsinkable Aircraft carrier and the American 7th fleet will be at the mercy the Chinese navy while 6th Fleet based in Diego Garcia can be easily accessible via Burma, now that the Chinese have constructed a high-speed railroad across Burma from Kunming to the Bay of Bengal. History has proven that in Southeast Asia only two ese (Burmese and Vietnamese) had resolutely fought and stop the Chinese encroachment and hence it is very crucial that the two keys (Monkey Trump and Yankee) must comprehend it, in face of the Chinese Economic Imperialism of One Road One Belt now encompassing the whole world.

An average Burmese could not comprehend of why Trump is copying the Myanmarnizatio policy of making one country (Myanmar), one race (Myanmar), one religion (Buddhism) with a formidable ethnic cleansing army. But the die is cast that dictators can change the name of the country according to its whims and fancies without the consensus of the people. In America, almost anyone knows that in World War II, after the surrender of General Erwin Rommel’s (the Desert Fox) troops in Africa, they were all shipped to US including the predecessors of President Trump’s family.

The lineage of the Nazi’s Aryan race superiority runs deep as in the Kul Klux Klan (KKK) a white supremacist hate group targeting Africans, Latino, Jews, and Asians.

Even though blood is thicker than water, it’s no longer appropriate in this internet age, where the American forefather’s spirit of liberty reigns. At least these so-called White supremacists, if ever label themselves as Christians should recite and practice the old nursery rhyme of “Jesus loves the children of the world, Black and Yellow, Red and White, All are precious in His eyes.”

Come November, we hope and pray that Burma would be out of the list of the “Least Develop Country” in as much America would retain its Liberty as the Arsenal of Democracy and stand strong as the Statue of Liberty.

– Asian Tribune –

America through the Burmese Eyes

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