Here’s what’s in your packed post-election Sunday National

That was the resounding message of the 2021 Scottish Election … and your Sunday National includes a 28-page souvenir election results special.

So, what will you find inside your paper, as we cut through the Unionist spin to give you the REAL story of what happened?

The National:

We’ve got reactions from all the party leaders – as Nicola Sturgeon tells Boris Johnson clearly that “Scotland has voted for indyref2”.

Meanwhile, Douglas Ross is in denial over the Tory mission to block indyref2.

Our reporters have the stories from key constituencies and historic victories.

Your paper is packed with analysis too – Michael Russell has the inside track of why talk of an “SNP majority” is bogus, Gerry Hassan breaks down a huge moment for democracy and the Wee Ginger Dug exposes the failure of the London-based media.

We have the exclusive inside stories from the SNP, Green and Alba campaigns.

Plus, you’ll be able to find all the election results and a poster map showing how they look in reality.

In our Seven Days broadsheet pull-out, Ruth Wishart, Andrew Tickell and Stuart Cosgrove pick apart an incredible election, and we’ve got a fantastic spread of letters from readers.

And that’s only a selection of the Scottish politics!

David Pratt takes a deep dive into Europe’s rightwards turn, The Ferret probes the SQA “exams in disguise” and our broadsheet pull-out cover story examines Sir Walter Scott’s reluctance to travel amid a fierce love of home.

Don’t miss it!

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