Coronavirus: Teenagers in Georgia to be given driving licence without taking test under new rules | US News

Teenagers will be handed driving licences without taking a test under new coronavirus rules in Georgia.

Under the regulations designed to account for social distancing restrictions in the US state, parents will be asked to make the final decision as to whether their children should be granted a licence to get behind the wheel.

The new rules were enacted in an executive order signed by Governor Brian Kemp, who suspended the practical test for the duration of the state’s coronavirus lockdown.

Stormi Kenney, who owns a local driving school, said new drivers must still meet all other requirements, including 40 hours behind wheel while under supervision.

“During these unprecedented times, the Department of Driver Services is trying to make it as easy as a process for people to get their licence and to lessen the burden on people right now,” she told Fox 5.

“I’m hoping most parents won’t just sign off on those 40 hours, I’m hoping most will take the time and drive with their kids before they let them obtain their driver’s licence.”

Lynn Ridenour, the parent of a teenage learner, said she had concerns about the plan.

“I think it would be beneficial to have an unbiased set of eyes on my driver,” she said.

“I think I might be quick to let her get her licence not knowing if she knows all the laws.”

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