Jordan De Goey concussion ‘ratifies’ AFL concussion break says Collingwood Magpies Nathan Buckley

“Your strengths are going to be important for us. You get up and down ground insistently and you’ll do it for four quarters,” the coach said in a video released by the club.

Darcy Moore will remain up forward as Buckley gives him more time to adjust to the new position while replacements will be needed in defence for Mark Keane (suspended) and Jeremy Howe (injured) with Mayne potentially moving into defence if he is fit.

“We would like Mark Keane to get more opportunities and more football and with Howie going down last week we will have to find replacements for both,” Buckley said.

“Will Kelly played back last week, Jack Madgen, who has played on the wing, has also played in that back seven quite a bit as has Chris Mayne – so we have some decisions to make on what the make-up of our back six looks like.


“Chris has had a knock, so he wasn’t able to complete training today but it will be a matter of him proving his fitness in the next couple of days to be selected. There is a question mark on him.”

Moore doesn’t want his move forward to be portrayed as the saviour of the team’s season and Buckley knows other forwards will need to step up alongside him.

“As he said to me last week, just as long as people don’t think I will be the ‘white knight’ to fix it all up,” Buckley said.

“We don’t see him that way, he is not the total solution. He is definitely someone that can help us.”

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