Ruckman, Jones to return for Saints

From the 19-minute mark of the second quarter to the 26-minute mark of the third quarter, Richmond had 22 clearances to St Kilda’s one. The Tigers in that period also had 50 contested possessions to St Kilda’s 20 and so unsurprisingly outscored them by 8.5 to 2.0.

It was a sobering performance for the Saints after their come-from-behind upset win over West Coast the week before that had halted the two losses they had suffered in rounds two and three.

Troubling for the Saints is the fact their last two losses – Richmond last week and Essendon in round three – have both been by big margins. They lost to Richmond by 86 points and the Bombers by 75 points.

The big losing margins point to the Saints being an attacking team that can be exploited defensively and the team not getting the balance of attack and defence right.

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