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What did you make of that?

Some good and some room for improvement. Ultimately a loss, but the effort was better from the last couple of weeks.

You came over under a lot of external scrutiny. You lost a couple of really big names early on. How do you pick the boys up at that sitting at one and four, how do you psych them back up?

The win-loss is a win-loss I talk to you about this week. The first quarter was excellent. I thought we definitely came with a plan that we thought was going to be effective. Second quarter we dropped away and that is where the game was lost in many ways. We just weren’t able to get on our terms often enough. Probably weren’t as clean around the ball as weren’t as clean around the ball as we were early and that hurt us in that second quarter.

Darcy Moore went forward, kicked three goals in the end. Did you think in the second quarter you wanted to hit that button and send him back? What was your thoughts with that?

He went back as an extra for last five minutes of the second quarter. Yeah, we did clearly but we have consolidated to improve our contest in front of the ball and Darcy showed that. I think for the large part that was effective, but no, we didn’t defend D50 as well so robbing Peter to pay Paul in some ways.

It’s not a one-week thing. We need to get a little bit more evidence to see if that’s something sustainable going forward.

Jordan De Goey is helped off the ground.

Jordan De Goey is helped off the ground.Credit:Getty Images

Just on De Goey what was the injury? Broken nose and concussion ultimately. How many weeks do you think he will miss?

No idea.

He came on and went off. He came back on then went off to do a concussion test?

I’m not sure if it was delayed concussion. The doctor assessed him when he had the opportunity to and deemed that he was no good to continue. More than likely he misses another week. I don’t think he’ll miss any more than that with his nose. He won’t be able to play next week given the rules and then looking at round seven.

How bad is the hamstring?

Hammies aren’t great at the best of time. We will have to look at scans.Is there a way of landing, he got up straight away.

Is that a concern those ones down the leg can be bad?

Don’t know. Are you a doctor? I can’t help you with that.

Darcy up forward, will you continue with that?

We need more than one week. He looked dangerous at times. It’s going to take him time to get a handle on it. Last time he played forward the game was pretty different. It’s going to take time, but we, as I said yesterday, needed to change things up. We were looking for better and the flip side of that is Mark Keane, young fellow who came in and had a tough night tonight, but we believe he’s got the capacity to stand up in that role.

As you see with young players sometimes they comp pound a little bit. We have full faith he has the traits to be able to play that role and play it really well and he’ll learn from that.

How are you feeling with the pressure you’re personally under? Are you ignoring it? How are you handling it?

We were really focused on tonight and finding a better performance and in many ways, in some ways we did, in others, clearly we weren’t good enough tonight, but we’ve got a longer preparation with Essendon and we’ll focus on that.

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