Ben Cousins arrested again in Perth

He had been scheduled to face a trial last September over more alleged family violence offences, but after charges of stalking and threatening to harm Ms Tinecheff were dropped, he pleaded guilty to 12 lesser offences.


He was sentenced to eight months in prison but it was backdated andm with time already served, was able to walk free in August.

His lawyer Michael Tudori said at the time his client was doing well and continuing to self-fund his rehabilitation with the Whitehaven Clinic, saying it was “a long road to recovery”.

Cousins recently opened up in an expletive-laden, paid TV documentary about his family, substance abuse and time in jail.

“I’ve stuffed things up royally. It’s time, I think … to get things right,” he told the Seven Network.

“In a perfect world I would’ve liked to have come out the other side a long time ago, but it hasn’t been the case.”


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