WA cyclist Craig Wiggins smashes record on gruelling 1,051km Munda Biddi trail ride

The record for finishing what could be WA’s toughest riding trail has been smashed — and the 21-year-old who beat it thinks he could go faster.

Craig Wiggins set a new record for completing the 1,051-kilometre Munda Biddi trail between Albany and Perth on Sunday, after riding day and night for two days across the trail’s varied gravel, bitumen, sand and mud.

The two-time Albany Sportsperson of the Year has built a reputation for success — competing in and winning international cycling events against world-class riders.

By reaching the trail’s terminus in Mundaring north of Perth on Sunday just two days, 17 hours and 22 minutes after he left Albany, Wiggins beat the previous record by nearly 23 hours.

Even for a rider with a resume as long as his, it was a mammoth effort.

The Munda Biddi trail runs from Albany to Perth, 1051km.(Supplied: Craig Wiggins)

“Obviously, I’m really shattered … it was a big couple of days on the bike,” he said.

The ride was more than just physically challenging. It was a mental push as well.”

On day one, after 22 hours on the saddle, he gave himself just two hours for rest.

The next stint would go longer — 29 hours without a break.

Audibly exhausted in an interview just hours after completing the record-breaking ride, Wiggins admitted it wasn’t an easy accomplishment.

“From Manjimup to Perth, 580-something kilometres,” he said.

“The last 200km I was absolutely creeping, I was not in a good headspace at all — but I knew every pedal I did was one less I’d have to do.”

The Munda Biddi trail, meaning “path through the forest” in Noongar Aboriginal language according to the Munda Biddi Trail foundation, cuts through a native corridor in WA’s South West and links Perth and Albany.

The Foundation, which confirmed the new record, said the trail would take most riders up to four weeks to complete.

Despite not having the chance to enjoy stops along the trail, Wiggins said he felt lucky to be able to be a test himself against it.

“It was pretty cool to know I haven’t ridden this trail before, so you get to see new places — albeit as a fair bit of a blur,” he said.

“But it’s pretty fun to just keep tapping away.”

Would he do it again?

Not for a while.

“I’ll have nightmares about it for a while,” he laughed.

But it seemed the ambitious young man will never say never.

“But I’d say I could probably go 4-5 hours quicker if I paced it better,” he said.

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