The Healthy Dinner 10-Day Challenge

Sometimes I do the craziest things.

Like last month I decided I wanted to build the habit of having a cold shower every day.

I knew it would be hard.

So I created a star chart for myself to track my progress.

While I was drawing my Cold Shower Project star chart, my Irishman asked what I was doing.

He has been wanting to get back into exercise,

So he got me to make him a chart for his ‘Walkman Project’.

Long story short, I was blown away how motivating our charts were.

I completed mine 100%. There were some frosty mornings that I could easily have skipped the shower but I did it because I wanted to tick my chart more.

My Irishman went from zero exercise to walking 5 days a week.

It got me thinking…

Maybe it would be fun to have a ‘Healthy Dinner Project’ with my Simple Meal Plans members?

healthy dinner challenge

The Healthy Dinner Project
10-Day Challenge


(should you choose to accept it)
To cook 4-10 x Stonesoup dinners over a two week period.


13-26 July 2020


1. Leave a comment below saying how many meals you will make.
2. Join Simple Meal Plans over here.

It’s going to be fun!

There will be a prize for all Simple Meal Plans Members who completes the challenge!

And thankfully this message won’t self destruct 😉

With love,
Jules x

Q. Do I have to join Simple Meal Plans to participate?
If you want to make life as easy as possible, I highly recommend joining. That way you’ll have everything done for you. You’ll get the star chart to track your progress and the special Challenge Meal Plans. These include simple healthy 6-ingredients recipes, shopping lists, problem solving guides, recipe videos and waste avoidance strategies.

Using the challenge meal plans will make it much easier to complete the challenge and enjoy all the benefits of healthy simple home cooked meals. Plus if you join you’ll get the extra inspiration and motivation from engaging with me and the Simple Meal Plans community.

Q. Will everyone get a prize?
All active simple meal plans members who complete the challenge and cook the number of meals they committed to will be eligible for the prize.

Q. Can I use other recipes?
If you really want to of course. BUT one of the ideas of the challenge is to make life as simple and as easy as possible. So I recommend constraining yourself to only using the recipes in the Simple Meal Plans. There is magic in limiting choices.

More questions?
Just leave a comment below or email

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